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L&D Strategy

We work with our clients in identifying and defining the learning areas, strategy, metrics, compliance and other key steps for setting up their learning centres.

We provide 360° consulting services to support, reassess and optimize your Digital Learning Strategy. We are on the way to change the way the world learns. We simplify learning process to make it fun, engaging and quick to grasp. Encompasses every aspect, from analysing your requirements and the challenges you are facing to forefront the running projects.

CHRP-INDIA consults and supports on all of your Digital Learning Technology strategy and implementation. No matter whether your company is at the initial evaluation stage or in the later stages of online learning life cycle, our Consulting Services team will help you out with expert consultation and assist you in achieving your goals and crucial success required from your digital learning initiatives.

  • Identifying opportunity
  • Need analysis
  • Business case for implementation
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Reports and Recommendations

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