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CHRP-INDIA is now developing VR solutions for EHS related content, simulations for its Industrial customers, by setting the stage to welcome VR into real-time industrial training in India.

CHRP-INDIA and All Smart Technologies both Hyderabad based companies have now entered into a strategic partnership to develop Open-source software technology products with a focus for Industrial and Educational Management customers. This partnership brings two young and aspiring companies and their synergy to offer scalable software products at competitive prices.

CHRP-INDIA, after its first-hand gig in 2015 for stepping into VR industry, now has officially kick-started its operations in early 2017 for acquiring talent with VR capabilities and creation of VR content for early and advance educational and Industrial application. It's estimated that CHRP-INDIA is set to acquire more VR gears and open source s/w applications for designing and developing VR content adding this to its portfolio.

This partnership with ICANetwork will give us a strong presence in France and Western Europe. This strategic alliance will give direct access to CHRP-INDIA for the world's second largest eLearning market worth $ 8.1 billion. ICANetwork will be operating from its Paris office for the promotion of CHRP-INDIA's products, services, and solutions.

CHRP-INDIA, establishes its second development, housing 30 more eLearning professionals as part of its annual growth plan.


Term Abbreviation Industry Purpose Source
Accelerometer Augmented Reality This is one of the solid-state sensors in Sphero that measures changes in Sphero's linear velocities as well as collisions. This allows augmented reality gameplay with Sphero to seem especially lifelike, because 3D characters like Sharky are directly impacted when Sphero runs into something like a wall. Click Here
Accessibility eLearning enabling people of all abilities to access learning equally  Click Here
Accomplishment Learning Management System(LMS) This is part of the performance module.It describes achievements of the user that are not employment related Click Here
Account Code Learning Management System(LMS) The unique code used to track information of the transaction Click Here
Accreditation eLearning Recognition obtained when learning provider meets a high standard quality in particular subject Click Here
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