Our Off-The-Shelf (OTS) courses are the fastest way for our clients to meeting their regular training courses need, compliance and training regulations as well.

These courses have design and developed through our years of research and understanding various business scenarios and case studies. The content is sole the intellectual property right of CHRP-INDIA, which has been built with the contributions of renowned industry experts.

The courses are currently available only in the English language.


As a standard process upon purchase of the course license, we would be customizing the OTS courses for free in the following;

  • Branding (logo)
  • Adding the colour codes as customer branding guidelines
  • Re-naming courses as per the client’s Org. Name

Additional cost
Our OTS courses can be further customized at an additional cost;
  • Adding content and creation of new screens as per the client specifications.
  • Adding additional interactivities, animation, assessments, graphics, illustrations, images and etc.
  • Updating the programming of the courses to run any target LMS of the client’s choice.
  • Updating Knowledge checks and course completion certificate
  • Translation & Localization of text and audio
  • LMS support for uploading and

  • SCORM1.2
  • SCORM2004 (1st Edition to 4th Edition)
  • AICC
  • TinCan

OTS Inquiry:

Please send us your wish list and suggestions. If you would like us to develop any specific course covering a specific subject, which you would like to buy if available as our Off-The-Shelf courses.

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