Content Licensing

CHRP-INDIA will author the courses content for your specific training programs by engaging leading SME’s from the industry to design and develop programs as per the learning objectives defined for your training program, this will help you in bringing down the total cost of ownership.

Our clients will have best of the content and technology used by CHRP-INDIA to design and develop the courses which will provide an advantage for the end users accessing the courses across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Course Ownership: The Source Codes and the Copy Rights for the courses will be non-transferable and the respective IP and Copyrights will be with CHRP-INDIA. If the client would like to procure the source codes and exclusive IP and Copyrights it will be granted at a minimal price also granting the access to source code.

Add-on services: Maintenance and Updates will be provided at an additional cost apart from the perpetual license.

This is our express service where you will save repetitive cost and will be able to host your courses on your LMS with an unlimited user access for life.

For more information write to us at:

Off-The-Shelf Courses

Our Off-The-Shelf (OTS) courses are the fastest way for our clients to meeting their regular training courses need, compliance and training regulations as well.

These courses have design and developed through our years of research and understanding various business scenarios and case studies. The content is sole the intellectual property right of CHRP-INDIA, which has been built with the contributions of renowned industry experts.

The courses are currently available only in the English language.


As a standard process upon purchase of the course license, we would be customizing the OTS courses for free in the following;

  • Branding (logo)
  • Adding the colour codes as customer branding guidelines
  • Re-naming courses as per the client’s Org. Name
Additional cost
Our OTS courses can be further customized at an additional cost;
  • Adding content and creation of new screens as per the client specifications.
  • Adding additional interactivities, animation, assessments, graphics, illustrations, images and etc.
  • Updating the programming of the courses to run any target LMS of the client’s choice.
  • Updating Knowledge checks and course completion certificate
  • Translation & Localization of text and audio
  • LMS support for uploading and
  • SCORM1.2
  • SCORM2004 (1st Edition to 4th Edition)
  • AICC
  • TinCan

OTS Inquiry:

Please send us your wish list and suggestions. If you would like us to develop any specific course covering a specific subject, which you would like to buy if available as our Off-The-Shelf courses.

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AmoZ - LMS


In this fast moving world, everyone has to be competitive so that they can easily survive in any conditions. Things do not remain the same and keep on changing with time. This is completely true in the case of the global economy which changes every moment.

Your business need to keep it updated. Not only this, your employees' technical and functional skills are also required to be polished from time to time. Keeping this thing in mind, we have designed AmoZ as enterprise learning management system.

AmoZ means 'Strong', it has rightly derived its name for the potential it offers for its users.

Key benefits associated with AmoZ LMS;

  • Scalable and resourceful: It offers you the ability to effortlessly deliver training courses that can prop up your business processes. It can easily roll-out courses to large number of audiences rapidly and economically, from its centralized online database that let you to control the access to deploy and deactivate with a single click.
  • Save time and money: It cuts down the travel cost, time away from the workplace and the need of costly classroom-based training. It slackens expensive technical resources from repetitive and boring administration tasks and also facilitates them to concentrate on more tactical problems.
  • Faster moving: Learning Management System helps in the progress up to 50% as learners can skip the material about which they are completely acknowledged and focus more on the issues on which they require training.
  • Offline Course viewing: AmoZ allows users to store the courses in native app specifically designed for Android and iOS. Which gives user unlimited access to course even when they are outside the network zone, in offline viewing mode.
  • Cost-effective to produce: Initially the software is free to use, but later one can get it at highly affordable prices. The prices are very much less than the traditional courses of learning management in the enterprise.
  • On-demand and flexible: The biggest advantage of these programs is the free that they provide. You can learn in anytime and at anyplace. Even those who are present at the remote location can also take the benefit of the training provided by this software.
  • Computable results: The software offers a central database of learner's results across all locations and courses. Information can be utilized for opinion to client organizations, for supporting a help desk infrastructure and one-on-one reviews.
  • Abridged carbon footprint: The software gives training and testing through quizzes and tutorials offering a substitute to the paper-based structure of learning and testing.
  • High Knowledge Retention: AmoZ offers, a great range of delivering learning programs and brings about high knowledge preservation rates.It helps a learner to concentrate on the subject matter which is most pertinent and learn at a speed that can prevent any kind of repetition. Moreover, they can learn as they want and when they want.
  • Dependable: Enterprise learning management system removes the issues associated with different trainers teaching differently on the same subject. It brings high coverage levels among target audience and guarantees that the knowledge shared will be consistent and prove useful for the company growth.

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