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Aftermarket Services

Code Re-Engineering

AMS (Aftermarket Service) is our Trademark service where we offer global reverse engineering solutions for all your digital and technical assets (eLearning, mobile learning, multimedia assets, and legacy data etc). Our team analyses and revitalizes your existing artefacts. We operate on globally consistent technology platforms and processes, to improve re-usability for your existing online and mobile learning repositories within a quick turnaround time.

Our extensive experience in re-engineering services provides synergy, value with speed and agility, while ensuring cost effectiveness and quality control.

We have often come across challenges, where our clients have lost the source code or the assets missing from their inventory and face difficulty in gaining the control over the company owned assets.

Today, we bring the solution to our customers through AMS for gaining the control over their digital assets and their source codes. We offer to re-engineer your source codes as is.

To name a few of the frameworks and technology where our AMS services are offered today to our clients;

Adobe Flash
  • .swf to.fla
  • .swf to html5
  • .swf to .cp
  • .swf to .story
  • .fla to .html5
Adobe Captivate
  • .cp to html5
  • .cp to .fla
Articulate Storyline
Tech Smiths - Camatisia

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