Biggest Challenges facing in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) used to be hidden behind Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Pokemon Go played a big role in making businesses aware of AR.

As both VR and AR technologies are growing on a global scale, industries have started implementing AR on larger scales. Augmented reality concept is proving itself to be a useful tool in sectors such as manufacturing, education, and training.

However, every industry or business sectors have to cross several hurdles before adopting AR. Here the focus is on the biggest challenges that your business needs to prepare a successful AR adoption.

1. Low-quality hardware

Successful adoption of AR depends on the experience that you provide to the end user. Hardware quality matters, especially when you think about mobile AR solutions. Visuals do not give a perfect appeal without advanced hardware. Similarly, the accelerometer can fail to sense electric interference and filter in real-time. This reduces the experience of augmented reality.

It is equally important to think of camera compatibility and GPS range. Without these aspects, it is not possible to deploy AR technology on a large scale.

Expert AR developers leverage various techniques to diminish hardware limitations and provide better solutions to your business

2. Content availability

Content is definitely one of the biggest challenges in AR adoption. Without quality content, no hardware can make AR a success. Organizations that are trying to include AR in their internal work functions need to think about 3D content availability for that technology. For instance, an e-commerce business requires 3D model of products when including AR in mobile apps.

It takes time and effort to acquire 3D content that actually serves the purpose. Thankfully, companies have understood the importance of content investment and building better library in this category.

One thing that every industry needs to understand is the hype around the augmented reality. End users have pre-defined expectations with this technology. So, if you present a low quality AR app, it may not satisfy the needs. Hence, could turn into failure.

The best way to resolve this issue would be to engage users during the development and implementation phase. This way, you can modify the solution according to the content and experience that the end users are looking for.

3. Awareness

Educating your market about augmented reality is another big challenge you have to face. Most people have heard about AR, but only a few of them implement it. Exposing to the latest technology and gaining acceptance requires a lot of efforts. If not planned properly, can cause your reaching ability in the targeted market.

Creating a systematic pipeline of AR expertise is the key to resolve the awareness issue. Companies need to invest in an organized marketing along with quality AR development. Both short-term and long-term outreach is necessary to ensure the sustainability of adopted AR.

So, it all comes down to three major factors. Finding the right team of AR developers will help you resolve all challenges and empower your business via augmented reality. Create and develop a strategy and finally, look for skilled AR experts for smooth implementation.

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