Virtual Reality Trends, predicting for 2018

Global VR marketing is showing a continuous growth with technologies fast going mainstream and improved exposure. In fact, experts suggest that VR market can reach up to $26.89 billion by the end of 2022. This shows positive signs for virtual reality to become a mainstream technology in coming years.

We have accumulated a list of more encouraging trends that will drive VR market in the year 2018.

360 VR Video

360 videos are the most basic area of VR technology. Minimal computer graphics provide a certain level of interaction with VR experience. However, this basic technology has gained a huge popularity among creators and audiences. 360 videos give a new tangent to a movie experience, which is why it has created a huge market for itself on a global scale.

With YouTube and other platforms supporting 360 videos, the VR technology is going to get bigger in 2018. Both commercial and education sector will obtain advantages of 360 video creation using VR technology.

VR in Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing companies have to conduct complex research and plan in their training programs, workflow approach and manage the whole process. With innovative solution available in virtual reality, the current year shall offer versatile solutions for manufacturing industries. Companies can maintain a disciplined protocol by the Virtual Reality technology in their training programs and prepare the new workforce for the job. Virtual reality can help in improving awareness of a machine’s operation or boost a trainee’s learning efficacy and ensure that no risk can stop obtaining the desired productivity.

Expanding Applications of VR in Healthcare

In recent times, healthcare industry has been really positive about VR adoption. Medical training, live surgeries, treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are some of the real-life use cases where VR has been impactful. These promise of consistent growth of VR in healthcare industry.

Full Dive VR

As compared to standard VR technologies employed currently, businesses would be increasingly looking at intensifying the immersive experience with Full Dive VR. So if a character emerges in VR environment (like in gaming), the user would not be able to tell the difference if it is a living being or an animated character. Because of the far higher intensity needed in Full Dive VR compared to traditional VR, the technologies that enable this too are works presently. They need to evolve quite a bit in order to successfully deliver such amazing experiences. However, good news is that a wide range of expert leaders. And companies are working in the direction of achieving Full Dive VR.

VR Content

According to an in-depth report, VR content market is rising towards $41 billion by the end of 2024Both the demand and supply of VR content is increasing at a rapid pace in the market. As mainstream content providers ensure that content is accessible via tablets, smartphones, desktop and other devices. YouTube, Facebook, and other major players are creating huge libraries of such immersive content. This is a perfect scenario for content creators to expand their VR content outreach. Various industries can incorporate this opportunity to drive more audience reach and improve marketing ROI.

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