6 Exciting eLearning Trends for 2018

As an effective learning methodology, eLearning Solutions has come up in a big way in the last one decade. Fortunately, the climate in the tech domain too has been ripe for eLearning to scale up further with new technology solutions.

With such a huge market there are some eLearning trends that will stay strong in 2018 and some that would fade into the background. These trends will primarily drive the eLearning Solutions industry’s growth from $165 billion in 2015 to $240 billion by 2023.

LMS Market (2015- 2023

As a company we are developing cutting-edge Learning Technology Solutions, we have been in the center of it for a decade now and understand what would really take off this year. Here is our compilation of the top 6 trends in eLearning that will rule in 2018.

1 – Digital Textbooks

With the same efficacy in self-learning as provided by a physical textbook, interactive digital textbooks will be a favorite method of learning. It also scores in terms of better information discovery through methods like bookmarking and word/phrase based searches.

2 – Micro Learning

It is proven that our attention span for a particular training topic is for a maximum of 15 minutes. Hence it is no surprise that micro learning continues to be a top draw in the eLearning space. Short formats like interactive infographics, podcasts, concept animations and short videos work very well as effective micro learning mediums.

3 – Blended Approach

Augmenting physical classrooms with digital learning assets can be a great way to improve trainee participation and generate a better understanding of the concept. With online web and off-line mobile-based LMS [Learning Management System] proving to be a hit in many scenarios, it is expected to remain at the forefront as an effective training methodology.

4 – Gamification

Trainees respond better and provide greater participation in training programs that have an essence of gamification in their core concept delivery. More companies now take cognizance of the importance of ‘levels’, ‘badges’, and ‘social sharing’ integrated into their overall LMS functionality. These leaderboards not only inculcate a sense of healthy competition among employees but also provide an incentive to motivate and help them in learning.

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5 – AR/VR: Immersive Learning Experience

AR/VR is proving to be a game changer as an effective learning medium. Trainees can immerse themselves in life-like situations and understand the concept and the outcomes of their decisions better. Be it medicine (for anatomy), automotive (for mechanical), or heavy industries (for safe yet holistic training practices), AR/VR can deliver multiple learning advantages to many industries.

6 – Webinars

Did you know that in addition to the various eLearning experiences the deeply face to face interaction between trainer and trainee in a webinar is also a proven method of learning? With SMEs [Subject Matter Expert] interacting directly with the trainees, the likelihood of absorption of concept and training objectives shoots up dramatically.

Pay attention to these trends when you get comprehensive learning content solutions developed and you would be on the fast track to adopt and measure the success of your learning initiatives. You can bring onboard a reliable Learning Technology Solutions expert like CHRP-INDIA. Our team would be able to suggest the best trending learning approaches for your training needs so that you get immense ROI on your training and learning initiatives.

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6 Exciting eLearning Trends for 2018

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