Why Gamification in eLearning is a Smart Move?

Did you know 215 million hours spent in the US every single day playing video games? That is due to the immense grasp of video games and Gamification. Imagine, if the same concept can be used to enhance the engagement factor in eLearning? Yes, you heard that right.

With gamification elements, the generation of millennials can stay motivated to understand and finish off an academic or professional course. With the help of badges, leaderboards, progression, and competitive challenges, it becomes easier to have young minds to stay on track during the course and complete it successfully as per expected outcomes.

Why gamification works?

There are quite a few reasons why integration gamification provides incredible ROI on training and learning

– With right gamification elements and logical structuring of the programme, gamification can be applied to all types of training and eLearning

– Facilitates the blending of fun with serious learning

– The system provides near real-time feedback

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Why use gamification in eLearning

Research has proven that

– 89% of learner support having a point based system to boost engagement in eLearning

– 80% of employees cite a direct link between productivity and a game-like environment in work

With the immersive mechanics and unique appeal, it becomes easy to hold the learners’ attention, keep them riveted, and meet the learning goals. Gamification is the same fuel that drives 40% of Americans to spend 3 hours per week on games. We say, why not use the same fuel to improve the engagement and motivation factor within eLearning.

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