Microlearning – A Look at 3 Diverse Success Stories

Shrinking attention spans are increasingly becoming a concern for digital businesses and training sector. Employees are unable to concentrate on key skills that would help them deliver better. Missing out the essential skills is consequently leading to the company bleeding profits, which is an undesirable outcome.

Microlearning solutions as an Effective Method

To effectively tackle this situation, companies are now coming up with the latest techniques that innovatively incorporate learning in a way that employees not just grasp and learn quicker, but improvise the learning. One of the successful techniques largely incorporated in companies is micro-learning.

Micro-learning presents the entire matter in small, easily comprehensible chunks. These chunks are easy to understand, simpler to go through and does not require a great deal of time too.

Why is micro-learning considered to be better?

Statistics suggest that microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient. This eventually goes on to generate 50% more engagement, which is the best formula for good business.

How microlearning helped companies improve performance?

1. Once the issue of a specialized training programme was to arrange logistics aptly so that each center gets a specialized trainer or mentor, micro-learning took care of this rather effectively.

The Boston-based company Next Worth used micro-learning to circulate learning videos across its many centers. This resulted in employees learning faster and enhancing customer experience. Within a span of two weeks, retail inconsistencies were lessened by half.

2.When it comes to pharmaceuticals, sales representatives need to understand the nuances that come with medicines. A certain pharmaceutical company resorted to micro-learning.

They developed smaller chunks of modules for each drug that the sales reps pitched. Reps were also presented with a set of FAQs post each module, regarding the drug. These modules were made easily accessible so that employees could learn anywhere and anytime. This resulted in more informed sales leading to higher sales rate.

3.When well-known film actress Madhuri Dixit thought of imparting her fans with dance lessons, it was difficult to provide training that could be accessed by one and all. Microlearning made this possible.

Having started an online dance academy “Dance With Madhuri”, she aims to help people beat their physical prime by combining dance and exercise. Consequently, thousands of dance enthusiasts over the net enrolled in the online dance class.

In this, they give out minor chunks of choreography that you can practice and train yourself over the entire song.

Microlearning, therefore, managed to carve a niche for itself not just in the learning of theoretical concepts but also practical skills, which involve kinesthetic movements.

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To wrap up

Time and again technology proves to come in handy, no matter which aspect of life we talk about. Integration of micro-learning all matters simpler for people as learning bite-sized bits always proves beneficial and easier to comprehend. This method when used on an industrial scale has over the years delivered drastic improvement and enhancement in employee training, which goes ahead to yield better ROIs for the company on the whole.

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