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Virtual reality based training content has the power to transfer the boring clip-art, multiple choice, ILT & boring 2D/3D animations to much more interactive emotional and real-life experience.

At CHRP-INDIA, We develop Custom Virtual Reality content to meet your requirement, with our VR content you can explore virtual reality worlds and get deeper into immersive simulations. We provide customized VR development solutions for a range of applications in capital goods, engineering, industrial design, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, education, and defence related sectors. Our Virtual Reality Simulations apt for all leading VR gears HTC VIVE gear, Oculus, Samsung VR and cardboards that are available in the market.

Gears used for VR training solutions

HTC Vive


Microsoft hololense


VR gear


VR gear


Oculus VR Gear


Samsung VR gear



Applications of Virtual Reality

VR for L&D and Training

VR can offer a large scale solution for Industries in training and equipping their employees, clients, partners and suppliers handling varied real time first hand training experience;

Safety Compliance: While simulating real time scenarios for educating the user about the various hazards, mandatory safety precaution and compliances one has to follow to avoid / prevent any damage to the human, equipment and environment. Thus help saving millions of lives from predictive and non-predictive danger.

vr for architecture, interior

VR for Architecture

It’s very important for the clients to fully understand about the project. Before the work begins you can showcase your entire project to clients. Get complete feedbacks from them using VR Immersive experiences, not the moment they walk into finished building. It’s a cheaper to change the pixel than color of the wall.

Through VR we can go beyond the photos and videos. Raise your brand by showcasing your work with cutting edge technology. Make your client excited about the project when you bring it with VR immersive technology.

Fire Safety Training Through VR

Workplace fire training accidents are common occurrences in many industries and in sectors such as manufacturing, energy and defense, they may even be fatal.Virtual Reality training can help the employees to learn the concept in a realistic manner. The highly realistic fire scenario simulations make the learners to experience the real fire environment in virtual world.

Virtual Reality training can help the employees to learn the concept in a realistic manner. The highly realistic fire scenario simulations make the learners to experience the real fire environment in virtual world.

virtual reality solutions industrial


We have deep domain experience in Industrial / Engineering industry, where Virtual Reality solutions can be leveraged to enhance the level of efficacy in training on Safety Awareness, Equipment Operations, Service / Troubleshooting and Maintenance Training.

Our dynamic team on software development allows us to leverage multiple VR hardware platforms, including but not limited to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and other leading VR gears available. We understand that such emerging hardware and software platforms and we are committed to deliver the best fit VR/MR solutions for your organization.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

  • Able to simulate dangerous or risky situation in a controller environment
  • Exploration of virtual scenarios as experience of real life scenarios
  • Accurate and realistic scenarios
  • Regular feedback and ongoing assessments
  • Ensuring that learning is fun
  • Increases the engagement
  • Highly visual approach which aids with learning
  • Cost effective
  • Can cater for a large number of audience at various locations
  • Visualisation of complex concepts and theories
  • Creates more interest

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