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Mobile eLearning Solutions

Obtaining Real Mobility in Learning

Mobile eLearning Solutions have become increasingly popular as technology advances, offering people the convenience of learning through their hand-held devices. This personalized service caters to a range of needs, including byte-sized courses and easy access to suit individual time constraints.

At CHRP-INDIA, we offer custom mobile eLearning solutions that are crafted to perfection, ensuring high interaction, rich media, and engaging content. Our services also support all the latest OS and hardware for smartphone devices available in the market today.

Why Micro / Mobile Learning?

Mobile eLearning Solutions are designed to transform static traditional learning content into interactive mobile courses that deliver knowledge seamlessly and stimulate learning. Our mobile-based solutions at CHRP-INDIA are crafted to provide an engaging and stimulating experience, resulting in improved online and offline field training. With our expertise in mobile eLearning, we create courses that enhance knowledge retention and improve learning outcomes.

  • Creating strategic content as per specific needs.
  • Conversion of existing training material into mobile-specific module.
  • Compatibility in all handheld devices –tablets, smartphones, phablets etc.
  • Creating impactful bite-sized learning modules – infographics, videos, snippets etc.
  • Assist social engagement through mobile and enrich the learning experience.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

  • Improved retention rate
  • Enables learning on multiple devices
  • Learner Flexibility
  • Low investment
  • Helps active learning
  • High completion rates

Our unique proposition

  • Multi OS
  • Multi Device
  • Multi-screen
  • Gesture enables
  • Multi-orientation
  • Online and off-line packages
  • App delivery
  • Browser delivery

What suits Mobile learning

  • Concept Animations(2D/3D)
  • Infomercials
  • Interactive Video Tutorials
  • Just in time learning
  • Product Demos
  • Quick references
  • Service and Policy - quick bytes
  • Application Simulations - feature based

Web App Development

We are specialized in designing and development of custom web applications using HTML5.

  • A compatible web browser is all that is needed. Web applications do not require any complex "roll out" procedure to be set up in the organizations.
  • Browser applications typically require little or no disk space.
  • They require no upgrade procedure since all new features are implemented on the server and automatically delivered at the user’s end.
  • Web applications integrate easily into other server-side web procedures, such as email and searching.
  • They provide cross-platform compatibility in most cases (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) because they operate within a web browser window.
  • With HTML5, programmers can create richly interactive environments natively within browsers. Included in the list of new features are native audio, video, and animation, as well as improved error handling.
  • Modern web applications support greater interactivity and greatly improved usability through technologies such as AJAX, that efficiently exchange data between the browser and the server.
  • Web applications allow for easier introduction of new user devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets) because they have built-in browsers.
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