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CHRP-INDIA On Wheels – Taking the Possibilities of XR To Bharat

XR allows businesses to smartly interact with their consumers with the help of highly digitized content. Naturally, the use of XR has successfully transformed the business practices and operations of multiple organizations across the globe. Moreover, the extraordinary customer experiences that it enables are an eyeopener. The technology deploys a mix of on-device processing, 5G, and edge cloud processing technologies to lend a competitive advantage to businesses. A research report published recently by Market Research Future (MRFR) suggests that the XR market is set to grow from USD 27 billion in 2018 to USD 393 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 69.4%.

But roadblocks to adoption remain

Although the potential of XR is unbound, its use in India is still at a reasonably preliminary stage. Certain factors have been responsible for its delayed adoption by businesses, especially in the industrial sectors like mining, and heavy earth moving equipment manufacturing, among others, where it can generate significant value. Three of these key factors are:

  • Lack of understanding – In India, many businesses are still unaware of the power of XR, its strengths and potential, and how its use could create differences in the way they work. Though varied content and resources are available online, it only gives a generalized overview of the technology.

  • High Costs – The use of hardware is an essential requirement to create exceptional XR experiences. Without robust hardware, powerful visuals cannot be created and thus, the potential of XR cannot be fully realized. The high cost of hardware poses a challenge for many companies, due to which they are unable to leap towards this revolutionary technology. The development and testing costs involved in deploying AR and VR software also act as a strong impediment.

  • Remote locations- Most sectors in India where XR can deliver tremendous value are located in the most remote locations – for example, factory sites in tier 2 and 3 cities, small towns, among other remote areas.

It is now up to technology providers like ourselves,  CHRP-INDIA, to look beyond the metros for last-mile delivery as well as maintenance of XR solutions where potential customers can achieve true value. It is critical that we deliver not just solutions but also the hardware that these sectors need to experience the best of 3D technologies. This is the premise of the work CHRP-INDIA has been doing in the country.


It is often said that technologies like XR can increase the gap between the haves and the have-nots. It is important that the above challenges are addressed sustainably. This is where CHRP-INDIA took a step forward intending to put the India beyond metros, or Bharat, on the road to advancement. CHRP-INDIA is a custom learning technology and solutions company offering a myriad of high-end technology solutions to multiple fortunes 500 companies across the globe. And in recent years, it has taken XR innovations to Bharat, i.e. India beyond the metros.

CHRP-INDIA on Wheels - CHRP-INDIA taking XR Innovation to Bharat

Realizing the umpteen opportunity for XR innovation in the tier-2 and 3 cities and towns of India, CHRP-INDIA took the lead with its signature initiative, CHRP-INDIA on Wheels. The tier-2 cities in the country are a powerful hub for many industrial sectors such as automotive, mining, heavy earth moving equipment, defense, oil & gas, and manufacturing, among others. The technological advancement of these sectors is critical for the growth and development of the nation. CHRP-INDIA has been undertaking a flurry of initiatives to offer the requisite push to these sectors. And, it is doing this by traveling to the remote locations in India where the real users of XR – that is, industrial sectors – operate.

CHRP-INDIA has taken upon itself the responsibility for last mile delivery of XR and 3D environment in the remotest parts of India across training, operations, and maintenance functions. CHRP-INDIA is truly democratizing XR for smaller outfits in India and bringing them the capabilities of big tech names in the 3D space, such as Google and Matterport.

What is very interesting to note is CHRP-INDIA does not just go to remote locations where other technology providers don’t. In addition, CHRP-INDIA delivers value-added services to even customers with low ticket value, simply because we truly believe in the power of democratizing high tech. For example, CHRP-INDIA invests in self-funded VR training for customers across areas like fire safety, safety at heights, and maintenance services.

In 2021, CHRP-INDIA travelled 66,000 kms across the length and breadth of the country to showcase and deliver VR experiences to sectors like Automotive, Oil and Gas Factories, Mining, and Education, including skilled and unskilled industrial users. These industries have been willing to enhance their digital capabilities by deploying new-age technologies such as XR. However, due to their limited know-how on XR, they could not take the plunge. CHRP-INDIA solved for this with over 550 deep-dive demos across the country. It meant travelling across India fully loaded with VR kits that include headsets, controllers, base stations, high-end laptops, driving simulators, trackers HTC and much more.

CHRP-INDIA approached these industries to showcase VR modules and hardware capabilities. They focused on stimulating different scenarios under critical functions such as safety, operational job skills, maintenance, troubleshooting, remote assistance, etc. To showcase the use of XR in remote assistance, the company installed Google Glass and RealWear Devices for its customers.


Another key initiative the company undertook was setting up of five XR Labs in cities of Bangalore, Bokaro, Korba, Silvasa and Mumbai. These XR Labs offered –

  • Hands-on VR experience VR for Safety training (digital safety training)
  • VR for Skills development (Hardware used - HTC VIVE, MSI laptops, OCULUS Quest2)
  • MR for Remote Assistance, which includes addressing troubleshooting, virtual tour, approval, etc. (Hardware used - Google Glass EE2, and RealWear HMT1)
  • XR OPEX – HW and SW on a subscription basis with onsite engineer (XR infrastructure) 

Since 2017, the company has successfully covered over 4,00,000 kms on the road in India.  

Stepping into 2022 – The exciting road ahead 

With the accelerating pace of digitization, 2022 seems to be bright and promising. As more and more companies head towards the disruptive XR ecosystem, a technology revolution is undoubtedly on the cards. CHRP-INDIA, with its mission to drive change with XR, has been actively expanding its product portfolio with an aim to offer new diversified industrial solutions.

CHRP-INDIA has exciting plans for 2022. Some of their new products and initiatives for the year include:

Google Glass and RealWear for offering Remote Assistance

MatterPort and other 3D imaging solutions for digital twin

Plans to set up 18 more XR Labs in India in 2022

A new center to offer Technical Support and Service to be set up in Hyderabad, to offer the following:

➡️     HTC VIVE

➡️     Google Glass

➡️     MatterPort

➡️    Ricoh Theta

Setting up of Sales Office in Jaipur, in close proximity to organizations that need XR innovation with urgency 

CHRP-INDIA is ready to deliver XR training solutions anywhere in India – no corner too remote, no town too small. With its ambitious plans and a streamlined, “leave-no-man-behind” approach to innovation, CHRP-INDIA is set to write a new chapter for Bharat. A chapter that will be rooted in the ethos of India and yet, truly forward looking in terms of innovation and technology.

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