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When it comes to employee training, we provide the best-in-class training and procedures for an excellent experience. Our modules for virtual reality safety training, Operation Training, Work Safety Training, and more make us a premier option for companies looking to implement the same in their work systems. We also offer great VR systems for corporate training as well, so offices can integrate their software with ours for a more immersive training experience.

Virtual Reality Operational Training

We provide top-class operational VR training material and applications so employees will be able to work effectively with the different systems and devices and make sure operations are smooth. It’s essential that they get a working understanding of the difference.

Operating a VR technology needs a trained professional to manage any glitches which can occur. While the technology emulates the real-time sequence, allowing for easier navigation for people to effectively use the machinery, it also needs to operate with no lag to give the full experience.

Work Safety Virtual Reality Training 

We also provide effective industrial safety VR training, which is a crucial aspect of working with reducing safety hazards. By working in a controlled experience and keeping the training experiential, VR technology can be a different experience initially. The ones are controlling need to identify potential hazards and overcome them.

Work safety training procedures ensure that all the workers are in sync with one another, and can navigate the entire space with ease. With VR technology, our modules ensure employees can go forth and work with better safety standards in their office.

VR Services Training 

We have a slew of services in our kitty, with the likes of software development, games development, project management, technical design, visual design, and so many more. Simple services such as UPS repair can be taught via the VR program, giving technicians a better understanding of the mistakes they can avoid.

Our services training modules allow employees to work with the best-in-class systems, the right way. With time, they will be able to demonstrate and differentiate among the various services available effectively.

Maintenance Training VR Training 

We offer great virtual reality technology that can be easily maintained and calibrated according to the requirement of the user. The program allows users to work with simulated machinery so they can safely understand the inner workings. Once done, they will be able to use the learnings on real-world machinery as well.

We offer maintenance training so that the virtual reality program allows machinery to be put-together and repaired whenever needed. Constant checks ensure that these devices remain strong and work to the fullest of their capabilities.

XR Experience

The XR Experience is one where people ill be able to enjoy the benefits of both virtual and real-world realities. Bringing together the two worlds. We provide haptic devices that can be used to connect the two worlds. As people are able to use real equipment to make changes in the virtual world, making for a great XR experience, so customers are always engaged.

Fire Safety

The fire safety VR training method teaches employees. The right precautions and techniques to follow in the event of a fire. The drills allow them to shut out fires in VR, prepping them for real-time experiences.  

All the necessary precautions that keep fire hazards at bay are followed. We also train employees with fire safety VR training, in all of the drills in the event of a fire to avoid any mishap.

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