Discovering Innovation for training – Industrial Companies!

Industrial Companies are bestowed with large set-up, heavy equipment’s, several employees, tough maintenance and troubleshooting. These companies invest lot of money and time to reach their goals. But it isn’t that simple nor easy. They also must make their employees as well as the customers happy.

The Industrial Companies faces lot of challenges like lack of skilled workers, maintaining the right inventory levels, manual handling and safety, lack of apt documentation, lack of awareness on digital transformation are some to pen.

With the advent of immersive technologies, the Industrial Companies are lured to train their workforce with Virtual Reality and get innovated.

This is how………….!

Virtual Reality is an immersive technology, where the workforce can sense and feel the reality. It is an environment, where their can learn by doing. The Industries identified Virtual Reality as a solution to their challenges and are incorporating Virtual Reality into their business processes to make their operations more efficient and productive.

The companies can visualize and design the products in more efficient way. They can even modify the product multiple times if required before sending it to production to avoid post-production complications. Virtual Reality training provides a more effective training when compared to traditional training in terms of knowledge acquisition and retention.

Virtual Reality helps industries in conducting virtual meetings thereby lower travel costs and bridge communication gap. Virtual Reality helps workforce to get trained before they enter the field. Virtual Reality training keeps the learner engaging and motivated. This type of virtual environment provides higher content relevance than traditional training.

Incorporating Virtual reality into daily operations can be a valuable decision!

Virtual Reality – A tremendous technology for emergency training!

Virtual Reality in Industrial Companies

Virtual Reality is an amazing way to offer hazard recognition activities, safety simulations and habituating of site immersions. Virtual Reality Training helps the workforce to avoid disasters and peril which often the industries encounter with the usage of the equipment’s. Here the workforce can get trained on how to avoid mishaps when they crop up.


Virtual Reality for fire training – Fire Extinguisher

This Virtual Reality training application was to develop a basic fire extinguisher training, where people with no experience can practice and rehearses to assimilate the skills of a fire fighter in an environment where it replicates the reality. Here, the learner must use extinguisher to operate the fire capsule as in real life, having same weight where the fire must evolve, raise, and react to extinguisher and produce smoke as in reality. This process is done with the help of a program that stimulates fire and extinguishing effects.

Virtual Reality creates simulating stress-free environment in fire evacuation training where there is zilch harm to the learner which adds to its uniqueness.

Virtual Reality – A safer choice for Working on Heights!

It is often believed that workforce is perplexed, alarmed and anxious while working on heights. With Virtual Reality as an innovative technology working on heights seems thrilling, adventurous than nervous or panicked.

Virtual reality creates an environment where the learners can experience and get trained for work that occurs at heights in totally safe, cost-effective and in engaging way with zero risk to the workforce.

Virtual reality aids in awareness of the peril and risks associated in the workplace and make the workforce to identify potential outcomes of poor safety habits.

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Whack these catastrophes! Thrive with Virtual Reality training at CHRP-INDIA!

CHRP-INDIA creates Virtual Reality environment for training Industrial Companies. We have developed some emergency training modules which will help the industrial workforce enables learn-by-doing approach, provides risk free environment that stimulates real-world hazards, enhance spatial awareness through 360-degree environments.

CHRP-INDIA allows users to understand what kind of a space they will be working in, the potential hazards and how to avoid or overcome them. We provide you with Virtual Reality safety training which helps in reducing the cost of equipment and simulators, location, and instructor’s intervention.

Let’s get started! Bond with us!

CHRP-INDIA, we care for your safety!

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