eLearning Advantages and Disadvantages for Corporate Training

 Corporate trainees alike use the Internet for a range of reasons – be it researching about a topic, downloading study material or as minor as finding synonyms for a word or phrase. But Internet’s prowess extends far beyond these use cases. Take, for instance, corporate training. Companies are increasingly using the internet to train their employees, using eLearning.

What is eLearning?

Digital learning carried out through emails, video conferencing and live lecture broadcasts come under the ‘eLearning’ category. This provides participants a flexibility to attend the courses as per their convenience. Their physical presence at a given point in time and at a specific location like a class is not mandatory. In addition, notes and relevant study material is provided in an interactive fashion. The participants get to open up through discussions and gain knowledge, unlike traditional teaching methods.

Why are companies opting for this?

Instead of taking time out training your employees, which would take a toll on them and also on your resources, eLearning is a far more feasible option. eLearning for corporate companies include micro-learning (that is breaking the course into comfortable bite-sized chunks) and are not time sensitive. Participants can access these courses at their own leisure and not stress as this course is simplified to suit their individual levels.

Advantages of eLearning:

Owing to its vast pool of benefits, these are the advantages companies get from eLearning:

1. Linking to various resources through various formats

2. Delivering content online in an efficient manner

3. Courses are available anytime, anywhere

4. Part-time and full-time workers can all benefit from such courses

5. 24×7 access to the courses

6. Employees can access this course in bits over the week and complete major chunks on the weekends when they have more time on their hands

7. Though remote and virtual, yet interactive sessions with peers on a regular basis

8. Exchange of relevant study material is easier

9. Videos and other such online study material can make knowledge assimilation easy

 Disadvantages of eLearning:

1. Most courses are objective in nature and can fail to provide subjective where it matters

2. There is also a matter of online security

3. The authenticity of an online course is low, as anyone can get an online degree

4. Assessments are computerized. Therefore, they are likely to be merely knowledge-based and not practical based.

To wrap it up, eLearning is the future of corporate training and there is no doubt about that. Quite evidently, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. Hence, eLearning transforms into an incredibly powerful tool in a company’s hands. It ensures the emergence of skilled and qualified employees ready to take on more challenging roles within the company.

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