Social Learning the Future

Social learning theory is not a recent making. It has been discussed in educational realms too often. The only limitation it faced was that people could not be connected as easily, for social learning to be implemented.

In the current era, people are far too connected. This makes it the ideal time to bring in the social learning method. By the looks of it, it has the potential to be the future of learning. Eventually, it would manifest itself to learning reality.

Learning alone is what is usually endorsed, as it ensures concentration and the ability to recall things faster. However, what it lacks it a parameter of understanding. Learning together ensures that you learn and understand, and only then proceed with what you are studying. The ability to interact with others and get your doubts cleared instantly is how social learning helps you.

Here are some interesting snippets that can describe the future of social learning

1 – Construction of a virtual environment

Virtual reality is a rapidly emerging technology that has seen massive adoption in recent times. The investment for this technology is gushing in now, as it has hit points of optimum functionality, and aims to revolutionize learning altogether in next few years. You would no longer need to go to a certain place to visit when VR can do it for you.

You can now explore art and architecture just in your room. This can be converted into a group activity more and more people can be roped into a collective virtual activity. You would then be able to meet your colleagues virtually or even have this never experienced before the ability to share ideas with people who have the power to implement them.

2 – Overlap with Games

Gamification of learning to improve outcomes has been advocated for many years. Though it faced a fair share of obstruction, it can now happen with the help of virtual reality. The overlap of social learning and virtual reality is a reality in present times.

We can look forward to games that need your collaborative efforts to proceed to the next level. Such games will test you on team efforts and coordination skills.

3 – Maximum interaction for better knowledge sharing

Interacting with people from another culture opens up a world of knowledge to you. In addition, this would not have been possible without the intervention of technology. In near future, the emphasis would be on sharing knowledge globally.

Virtual reality allows you to interact with people overseas and have animated conversations. In a social virtual environment, ideas could be shared more freely, and questions can be asked. Those who have solutions or answers to the queries raised would come to rescue, leading to collective benefit.

It is only a matter of time until social learning, paired with technological aids will witness deep proliferation. If you need the power of social learning paired with modern-day technologies like VR then it makes perfect sense to align with experts like CHRP-INDIA. We offer best in breed learning solutions that can add amazing outcomes to your social learning goals.

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