How the leading Oil and Gas companies adopted Virtual Reality

Oil and gas companies are seeking creative ways of capitalizing on the benefits of virtual reality (VR) technology for sub-surface research, training and simulation, and processes/product development and improvisation.

Some Top oil and gas companies of the world banking on virtual reality

Baker Hughes (GE)

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GE business Baker Hughes has deployed VR technology to model oil and gas facilities in their training headquarters. VR lets the organization concentrate down to the minutest specifics on the digital design of the equipment. The technology provides a higher degree of precision and consistency about the equipment and working mechanism, much ahead of the installation phase.


Oil and ags company who using VR

Making use of Virtual reality in training exercises enables the workers at BP to become well qualified and equipped to handle the challenges in real-life situations. BP has developed a forum, in partnership with Maersk Training, to improve the awareness of offshore drilling teams. The company has been leading in the development of physical environments during drilling operation using simulation facilities in Svendborg, Denmark and Houston, Texas.

The VR-based exercise replicates vital drilling zone conditions, which makes it easier for the workforce to get used to the situation beforehand.


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ConocoPhillips advocates the use of virtual reality in training to enable better use of its existing technologies for collaboration and visualization techniques. The Norway division of the organization has set up an Onshore Drilling Center (ODC) to conduct extraction activities in the North Sea. The ODC comprises of a 3D visualization package to build a Virtual Team of domain specialists. In addition to the 3D simulation of downhole drilling equipment, the virtual team analyses real-time data.


oil and gas company who using VR

In a joint endeavour between Oslo-based Hydro and Bergen-based Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) institute, the Equinor team designed a 3D simulator. It was achieved by using VR technology – known as ‘Cave’ – to support oil and gas pulling operations. The technique is being implemented by Equinor to create a 3D rendering of offshore resources and processes. The geoscientists, geophysicists and drilling specialists are able to examine geological formations in meticulous detail, using specially constructed 3D glasses. The use of Virtual Reality in Oil and Gas Industry enables corporate giant to observe different oil, gas, and water layers existing inside the deposits. The 3D models based on seismic images assist Equinor in determining hydrocarbon reserve possibilities.


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ExxonMobil unveiled a 3D immersive training platform at its research facility in Qatar. The arrangement makes use of Virtual Reality in Oil and Gas Industry to develop field training techniques. The platform generates a virtual plant environment to provide plant managers and engineers with knowledge of machinery and processes. The simulation facility replicates a variety of real-life situations which may comprise of unscheduled power outages, irregular activity, and emergency management in a healthy, regulated environment— It enables the trainees to access the possible challenge scenarios and accordingly develop response mechanism.

All in all, Virtual Reality Development in Oil and Gas Industry has empowered a substantial number of companies across the globe by enhancing their efficiency of training exercises, that too at an adequate level of security and reduced training costs.

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