How To Leverage Your L&D Process through Augmented Reality

Superimposing digital information over and above the physical assets like notes and other learning resources via Augmented Reality Solutions has heralded exciting possibilities for the eLearning and training industry.

Take for instance the case of architecture. By providing a 3D view of the various images, topics like gradients, slopes, and layout precision can be better understood and implemented on by the students. Similarly, there are other incredible use cases where augmented reality training ensures better practice and skills training in real life environment blended with Augmented Reality Solutions.

Noteworthy use cases For Augmented Reality Solutions

1 – Employee hiring and induction

In a typical scenario, new hires are taken around the office and different areas by the HR team or business unit managers on the first day of the job. Instead of this, new hires can scan various AR symbols located around the office and get helpful information about the place and its compliance protocols.

With such detailed and focused training, the new employees can settle into their daily roles, without the need for managers or HR personnel to take time out to show basic stuff like seating arrangement, different zones of office, attendance protocols, or compliance to be followed in restricted areas of the office.

2 – Training on the risky or unsafe environment

Fields like heavy machinery, factory training, and fire safety need a lot of things to go right in order to ensure that the trainees get the concepts correct in a practical environment, without harming themselves.

In such potentially dangerous environments, Augmented Reality Solutions can deliver immense value to let trainees grasp the working of complex machinery. Similarly, for medical students, trainee doctors can get useful information when they are practicing surgery to strengthen their knowledge and confidence.

3 – Enhance the efficacy of traditional learning

Well-established learning methodologies now undergo a radical transformation to improve its retention prowess. Thanks to Augmented Reality, digital information can be superimposed on traditional textbooks and course materials.

Students not only benefit from the extra information, but the visual appeal of a 3D environment enabled by Augmented Reality Solutions provides the impetus for information absorption and knowledge retention.

4 – Interior Design and architecture

Students in these streams depend a lot on visual aspects to enhance their knowledge capabilities. With the help of Augmented Reality Solutions, students can visualize their creations and see if the alignment and regulatory compliance are implemented.

This way, the blueprint of the design can become more effective in guiding the actual construction of the real estate property. With AR headset, urban planners can get useful assistance in knowing the various elements town planning and city layout and how they will interplay with each other eventually.

To sign off

It is clear that Augmented Reality Solutions have made it possible to see things which were not possible in the traditional view of the environment around us. This has led to interesting developments in the training and learning fields as depicted by the above use cases.

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