New age technologies, how XR industry is creating new job opportunities for Millennial

Want to get the best of the XR industry and high-end salary to satisfy your goals come and explore about the job opportunities in this industry, but before knowing the job opportunities in the new age technology you need to have an understanding of what are these new age technologies. The new technologies that are immerging are giving the best experience of the imagination world turning into the real world. The holographic and the images, the human interaction in the virtual world creates a wonderful combination. In 1975, Ivan Sutherland, a computer scientist created it for the first time and then later there was a Video place created by Myron Krueger.

What are VR and XR? What are these terms and what does it give us in terms of learning or what are the job opportunities in VR/XR? Let us first get the concept of VR/XR and then we will talk about the job space. VR means Virtual Reality, where the virtual things you can feel in reality and near to you. In pure technical term, virtual reality is a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment. XR means Extended Reality, where there is a combination of virtual and real, which generates human and machine interactions.

What are the job opportunities in XR?

 Google, Snapchat, HTC and Facebook are few companies that are in the hiring of the jobs in the VR/XR industry. The new tech industry has a vast range of jobs and positions to be getting jobs for. VR/XR both are huge in it and has plenty of other departments in them.

Developers, software designers, 3S artist, design architects and engineers who will have to plan and create the hardware for XR for it to run smoothly. The developers and engineers work closely and hand in hand as whenever there are some technical issues they can resolve it and get back with the modifications.

Being a project manager has it huge space in the XR industry for a great job opportunity. Being a project manager is where you coordinate with the entire team. Interact with other business and working with other clients. Just like every other business this industry too has a marketing and sales and PR team. Who takes care of the branding of the product and then handling it to the clients.

Salary Statistics for New Age Technologies

The earnings of these professionals in the foreign market would be around the range of $75,000 to $80,000 and if it the top end than it can go up to $200,000.  This statistics are fetched from business news daily and are said to be the best in this industry.

What are the skills required for people to get jobs in here? There are few sets of skills that are a must for these jobs which are, you must be super skilled about programs such as C#, C++, Java or something that is identical to it.

Kind of a background that you need for this is also math, physics, networking, gesture recognition, etc. Generally, we can observe people working in this industry to have degrees in computer science and software engineering.


 This industry is an extremely emerging industry it is growing fast and vast. Having the knowledge and degree for this industry is going to give you a vast scope of growth and success. It’s not only engrossing but also satisfies your need for a satisfactory amount of salary. I would suggest that if you are really interested in this field don’t hesitate and go for it.

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