Top 5 Manufacturing Training Challenges An Virtual Reality Training Can Help You Overcome

You can already see the presence of Virtual Reality training and development in the current business system. The strength of VR for companies lies in the power of visualization. As VR, touchscreens, and wearables become more popular, brands will have higher chances to use haptics. By the production of prototypes, businesses have been able to communicate their marketing information with power and reliable strength. From hospitality to automobile, every enterprise can raise up their marketing plans through VR. Advantages of virtual reality in marketing are in fact innumerable.
Besides, VR is mostly being consolidated for creating training programs for the military, designing models for architectural designs, showing mechanisms for surgeries and more. Virtual Reality Solutions can overcome many other challenges as well, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Challenges of Manufacturing Training and How VR Overcomes Them

●  Risk Supervision and Quality Support

Any moving part—literal and figurative—is important for ensuring the production runs smoothly. Risk management is a theme everyone is super aware of and they know how significant quality assurance is. The risks of the manufacturer differ widely in range, from specs to the wrong dispatch of products. VR fits into this equation by offering perception and process replication that isn’t possible through the naked eyes.

● Employee Training

One statistic mentioned most by trainer is that trainees retain 90% of their learning 14 days later when they had the chance to experience, carry out or simulate the technique or data. The advantages of VR in Automotive is a breakthrough, for example, when Toyota applied to learn based on VR to train their assembly workers, they discovered their trainees picked up the knowledge faster and they were more responsible and motivated.

● Inventory Training

DHL did a test run in 2015 where they fit their employees with smartglasses that received prompts as they were walking around in the storage and the VR device pulled up the inventory virtually and showed them where to find what they needed. This just took away the challenge of running to devices and manually pulling up the inventory from your computer.

● Floor Planning and Product Design

How do you remember the process of product design and floor planning? You grab a graph paper and start plotting, or you use the software on your devices. This leads to a lot of resources being used up and all the waste paper is sort of detrimental to the environment. With VR Training Solutions, you now use haptics to design products and do floor planning effortlessly with half of the resources previously used.

● Robotics

The potential of robotics is ever-increasing and we already see their use in so many industries. Manufacturing industries are already making massive use of robotics but this is just the start. Soon, the challenges to robotics, like remote control, will be reduced. When immersive VR technology becomes prevalent and soon people can pilot the robots from distant locations. This just saves you space and production costs. While it makes sounds like a movie plotline, but this is going to bridge the gap between robots and humans.


Virtual Reality in India can do so much to overcome challenges the manufacturing industry faces. We are watching how different industries are applying VR solutions slowly and steadily, and soon. We hope, this becomes an industry-wide and international solution for risk management, training and so much more.


CHRP-INDIA provides Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality-based solutions and after-market services. We work with technologies like Steam VR, Vive, Unreal Engine and Unity to give businesses world-class immersive technology solutions. We have a deep domain experience in Industrial / Engineering industry, where VR can be leveraged to enhance the level of efficacy in training on Safety Awareness, Equipment Operations, Service/Troubleshooting, and Maintenance Training.

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