Virtual Reality Training – A magic through technology

With the shift in technology paradigm, we are all aware of how today’s innovation has made our lives easier. Virtual Reality training is no more an introduction for those who dwell in these services. Providing a fully equipped training is the motto of all organizations these days. The challenge that most of us face is to create an effective Virtual Reality training solutions, which makes learning more fun and interactive. Another challenge often faced is to push your employees to take time out of their daily routine and enhance their skills. Virtual Reality training has the advantage of setting up sessions regardless of the place or time with a VR headset, or by simply joining a WebEx call.

Below are a few simple hits to make learning exciting, at the same time take your business to a next level.

1. Learning made fun:

You need to always remember that each individual has different skills and strengths. Your responsibility is to bring out these single capabilities and together let it burst out into a unique chakra. Virtual Reality training is exciting for new as well as existing employees. All are eager to learn something new. With an enhanced training schedule, people can participate voluntarily and even brainstorm if required.

2. Tracking efficiency:

With the easy global access to Virtual Reality training, it is convenient for trainers to track the progress of each trainee and their build on efficiency. This allows flexibility to make changes to an on-going training based on the requirements.

3. Learners at an advantage:

Every organization is bound to provide safety training to all their employees. It is much simpler for an employee to learn from real-time scenarios. In VR training, a person is put under the same amount of pressure to learn from a misfortune. For example, if there is a fire in the building, VR training will guide you on how to use the fire extinguisher, how to alert the system, and how to follow instructions to put off the fire from the nearest exit. Refer to this video for more information:

4. Less investment in time:

It is a proven fact that employees learn faster and remember in a Virtual Reality-training environment. A trainee can progress through various modules rather than read manuals, which are often boring and time-consuming. This helps the organization by onboarding a bigger batch of employees and make them effective as soon as the training is complete.

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5. Knowledge gain:

There are no more such days where we use to spend reading through chunks of paragraphs and looking at the laptop screen for hours. An employee will be motivated to work for your organization only when you can provide attractive knowledge transfer sessions from the very beginning. A creative Virtual Reality training will help your employee to remember what you have learnt in your initial days of training and utilising the same moving ahead.

6. Learning made affordable:

Until a few years back, Virtual Reality was only classified for high-end commercial, government, and military assignments. A simple VR headset was estimated at a whopping price of $24,000! However, in today’s market with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, we can enjoy many affordable prices with better quality.

These non-gaming applications of VR show the massive inroads the exciting technology has made in different sectors. Which one is your favourite VR application? Do write to us and let us know.

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