Virtual Reality Training and Development Best Practices

Knowing the growth of the industry and the technology growing vast, having the knowledge and training about your field is the most important thing you will have to do. The fact that Virtual reality solutions are reaching skies of demand, you should also know the demand for trained professionals is also going high. VR technologies have become so popular that every other company wants their people to be trained and trained by the best, VR training will put the trainee in VR according to the customized 3D environment and they will be provided with audio-visual headsets.

There are few advantages about Virtual Reality in eLearning training will help you stand out in the market and will almost guarantee to give you desired work. Here are a few practices and benefits you need to know;

● Visual Learning

The human mind is developed in a way where 90% of the things that we capture or remember or process or understand is visual in nature even the communication is more effective and thought of when it visual, 93% of our communications are visual in nature. eLearning now has taken over the normal learning process so when we learn through visuals we understand it better and that is exactly what VR training give you visual 3D training.

● Affordable

A few years back when virtual reality was an emerging concept it was way too expensive, affording a VR headset was a cost of around 15 lakhs Indian rupees back then. Earlier Virtual reality was the only domain to provide the high – end commercials, government and military applications. The developers are turning more into virtual reality solutions as the hardware prices are falling, soon this development will make learning fun and easy.

● Safe Learning

Safety is the priority. When you send your employees for training in any sector manufacturing, defence etc. accidents are unfortunately common and generally happen more often. As the new trainees are more likely to make mistakes and are accident-prone VR solution training provides them with VR 3D environment to practice and train them. They can have the power in their skills and start their job with command.

● Remote Implementation

The world has become a place where there has stopped being a restriction on things, the workplaces are becoming common, the office is offering decentralized offices, where people can collaborate with their interests and work together. Also now the VR solution training and gadgets gave become much cheaper than earlier so people can afford it and have the maximum learning, the trainees can download the learning material and use it whenever they have a feeling of becoming a master.


Coming from a long way VR has developed so much that it has gained high demands and importance and every other company is in need of VR solutions. As Gannon says, ‘VR may not be the only future, but it is definitely a path that will continue to take us forward.’ While exploring the VR technology you will have the freedom of custom learning solutions.


CHRP-INDIA provides Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality based solutions and after-market services. We work with technologies like Steam VR, Vive, Unreal engine and Unity to give businesses world-class immersive technology solutions. We have a deep domain experience in Industrial / Engineering industry, where VR can be leveraged to enhance the level of efficacy in training on Safety Awareness, Equipment Operations, Service/Troubleshooting, and Maintenance Training.

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