Tips for delivering your eLearning on Time

According to the Economic Times, eLearning is a learning system founded on formal teaching but with the support of electronic resources. With the rapid developments in technology and the improvement in learning systems, eLearning solutions are now widespread, from schools to corporates.

If you are a developer who works with custom eLearning solutions, you are familiar with how time-consuming they usually are. And time is precious, there never seems to be enough time on our hands, so if your deadline is looming or you just want to speed up the process of developing your eLearning project, here are some tips.

● Plan A Comprehensive Timeline

A timeline is like a roadmap for your productivity. It outlines precisely what you require to achieve with what types of tools and by when. Timelines also enable you to allocate tasks to team members and make sure that everyone is on the track. Put down every task that you must deal with and segment it into events. In a specific process, every step in eLearning solutions is vital. Tasks like layout development, designing training events online, and selecting graphics all have smaller sub-tasks set, so break down everything into its most essential element and then prioritize.

● Employ Templates of eLearning Course

Templates for custom eLearning solutions can save you stress, time, and money. You’re enabled to repurpose them on several eLearning projects. It all begins with the master layout that contains the colors, navigation icons, and typical fonts. Then you put in placeholders for online assessments, eLearning activities, and so on.

● Pick A Top-Notch Online Tool for Project Management

Online tools for project management enable your team to collaborate and communicate wherever, whenever. You can allocate tasks, put critical deadlines on the group calendar, and give feedback. Tools for reviewing eLearning courses are another excellent section of training tools to have at hand. These platforms provide you the support to monitor modifications and corrections in eLearning solutions.
Lastly, look for systems of web conferencing to host meetings face-to-face with your associates around the world.

● Begin With An Efficient eLearning Storyboard

When you have a clear concept of your audience and learning goals, start making an eLearning storyboard. During this step, you would require to get some help from an expert on the subject matter to help you narrow down the topic. eLearning storyboards give a visual form for your team to understand. Each eLearning visual element, activity, and assessment has a spot on the storyboard. You can utilize brief definitions and screenshots if you are not sure about details. For instance, just include a bullet list of task levels for a responsive simulation.

● Reuse Existent eLearning Materials

If you create a source list with existing content, you can repurpose it to make a totally new eLearning material. For instance, a PowerPoint presentation can become a responsive demo for an online video. A bullet list can be modified into an online step-by-step task tutorial. Analyze the sources you already have and perceive them from a new angle.


These tips can help you save time, stay focused and on the budget. The secret to efficient eLearning solutions is thorough planning, preparation, and analysis. It additionally isn’t a bother to have the most helpful eLearning team who can handle extra tasks. Also, efficient eLearning management tools that include all the features you require building great eLearning activities.

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