Virtual Reality in Training and Development

It is a common practice to conduct induction and training exercises for employees hired by any organization, to make their goals clear and help in on job skills development. Corporates also conduct ongoing training for human resource development, and to impart knowledge of newer techniques and technologies to employees. This boosts productivity and furthers management goals such as profit maximization, appropriate delegation of authority and improving sales performance.

The traditional modes of training employed by the HR (Human Resources) department of corporates are educational books, audiovisual presentations, and sometimes even through relevant movies. A new method of training employees is catching on, in the form of Virtual Reality training.

About Industrial Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality training incorporates the usage of VR tools for employee training and development. It has caught on as an effective mode of training in specific industries like aviation, heavy industries, manufacturing and medicine, and healthcare. Bookish learning and facts do not help for training purposes in many of these fields. This is where virtual reality solutions aid corporates to develop essential skill sets among employees.

For example, a newly appointed pilot by an airline has to be trained on multiple drills and emergency landing situations, before being permitted to fly passenger laden aircraft live. It used to be a difficult task for trainers to create scenarios using just audiovisual tools about such safety drills and to educate pilots about emergency landing protocols.

But now, with applications like safety VR training, pilots are put in simulator environments where they experience such situations and learn how to deal with them till they reach the confidence to fly an actual aeroplane. This whole training exercise is accomplished without even leaving the ground! Costs of such training tools have fallen to a great extent in recent times, making the applications of these tools widespread in the training market.

VR training and productivity

The usage of virtual reality tools for training employees leads to better performance and productivity. Employees can retain more information via this method, as compared to traditional forms of learning. This is because VR tools engage more than one sense and give a more participatory role to the learner. Audiovisual tools or books can only engage learners in a passive form.

VR tools also help in higher knowledge retention. With an improved knowledge base, employees are sure to perform better. This would also help in employee retention, increased job satisfaction for employees, and to prevent labour turnover.

A lot of Fortune 500 companies are turning to virtual reality for training their workforce like- Walmart, Boeing, United Rentals, Fidelity, and UPS. These tools are a game-changer as they help in mapping real-life situations for employees and train them on how to deal with such situations. At Walmart, an average employee has to be trained in customer management, stock management and logistics development for supply chain process flows. Complex lessons can be simplified with the use of VR tools for training.


In today’s dynamic business environment, corporates have to manage a web of stakeholders along with running a profitable business. A key stakeholder is an employee; whose output is crucial in the whole scheme of any business. More and more companies are turning to virtual reality as a training tool for its easy usage and high utility. It aids in better assimilation of knowledge, along with assured high retention of this knowledge.


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