How Virtual Reality be used as a training tool?

Technology in today’s world considered as a game changer. It could either destroy a business or make it boom to variant levels. It solely depends on how we see it. Taken as an opportunity, it is likely to create a positive impact. As we know by time, simulations are becoming more immersive and realistic (closer to real life).

A number of companies have been using Virtual reality as a training tool for their employees. In recent times, employees value the new age technique to learn to make it fun and effective. The millennial generation believes that business development is equivalent to professional development.

1. How is this impacting the learning industry?

Industrial training is proving to have so much potential. It helps us to explore the facility without physically being present. This implies that without disrupting actual work the training can be held. Most companies are already using the 3D tools available that give a 360 view of the environment as it is widely available in the market.

Employees get trained much easier. They do not have to go through the mundane lectures and theory sessions causing them to eventually lose interest. In fact, they will be excited to learn and venture the new possibilities by being safe and exploring to get familiar with the facility. This way companies would be spending lesser time in training and instilling confidence in their trainees.

Virtual reality provides a human-computer interface. This can be an important tool for maintenance training. In risky environments, the maintenance is motivated by the favorable experiences that come from knowledge, visualization of the complex environments, helping in the assembly, service, maintenance, troubleshooting process, and applications that follow a “learn-by-doing” approach.

2. Introducing Virtual reality in the learning industry

In the learning and development sector, Virtual reality experiences developed around few skill sets and information. Content needs to be published in such an immersive learning environment to reduce risks. It also helps in the development of a competition or a skill.

Guidance with a correct instructional design helps to adopt all-round 360 views in videos and apps. We can simply access it through our Smartphone’s or any device. The costs drop and the versatility and realism also improve.

Choose the platform of distribution correctly. The virtual reality glasses or headsets that connect to a computer are preferable.

3. How has VR helped as a training tool in the industry?

– Know-how of the functioning of equipment

– Skill improvement of individuals and of a team as a whole (both technical and regulatory)

-Huge cost reductions during the training without the need of real equipment and also not disrupting an ongoing task

– A rise in the use of equipment quality and efficiency by the operators

– The staff will be well aware of the risks in advance and take precautions.

Case Study:  How Virtual Reality used a Safety Training Tool.

VR technology could make a great choice for safety training as it helps the learners effectively handle situational scenarios like fire, boiler blast, coal-fired power plant etc. Optech4d, a Houston based company that offers software services for daily basis operation, maintenance, and safety in the Oil and Gas industry, has been using VR environment in training the employees. Those who had worked in dangerous tasks on oil rigs and refineries for a few years.  Through virtual reality, the employee can learn all the safety procedures before actually performing on the work floor. Where companies can reduce accidents to great extent. This is helping oil drilling companies save money, and reduces accidents.

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Case Study: how Virtual Reality used as a Learning Tool.   

Virtual reality laid its own path in Healthcare learning industry. According to a case study- Next Galaxy, a virtual reality content development company and Miami Children’s hospital together signed up to develop a project. This project helps the medical students to learn and analyze techniques which are suitable to stimulate patients in a virtual environment, so the learner performance improves by measuring gestures, reactions and eye moments by imparting feedback

Through VR safety training, the companies can ensure that learners absorb knowledge quickly via live demos.

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