Organizations take eLearning as a smart pick to fulfil their training needs… Here is how?

What is eLearning?

In recent times it has become important to associate ourselves with this term which can simply be referred to as learning or training electronically via the internet. It is being used in both standard education environments as well as in the industrial and other tertiary sectors of the economy. This mode is best suited for everyone and is self-regulating. It has proven to be beneficial to many well-established organizations and institutions from education and companies to entertainment due to its high efficiency. It is easily accessible and widely available, involving the need for a digital device having access to the internet as the only prerequisite. Thus, we must broaden our insights of this term by exterminating our ignorant attitude towards utilizing these widespread digital resources.

How is eLearning better than conventional learning?

There have been many reforms in the education system over the past few decades but the most successful amongst all is considered to be eLearning. Learning and teaching can be done remotely with the bliss of our comfort zone without being worried about transportation.

In a traditional learning environment, one must take a class or courses over a prolonged period of time. However, eLearning allows us to finish it at our own pace expeditiously without feeling rushed and stressed. It is absolutely right to regard eLearning as a quicker way of learning. It is now possible for educators to convey their instructions in a consistent way to a larger audience at the same time thus saving a lot of money and time. This quick delivery of lessons is highly beneficial for educators. This cost-effective and efficient

eLearning courses use various techniques such as audio and video recordings, presentations, quizzes, surveys, games, discussion groups, and more. It’s interesting to note that this mode of learning is also environmentally friendly due to less power generation and use of paper which is obtained by cutting trees. An admirable feature of eLearning is the optimized quality of learning with the help of graphics, animations, simulations etc., which has resulted in long-term retention of information, improved test scores and quality learning.

Why should organizations choose eLearning for training their trainees or workforce?

Employee training is an essential precondition for the economic development of any corporation. This helps in creating awareness about the effective use of technology, enhances productivity and constructs a safe and healthy work sphere. Opting for online courses to instruct the workforce, not only enables us to eliminate the need to maintain a space where the activity takes place and hire direct instructors thereby reducing the cost but also ensures organized and structured learning for employees. This practice is also economically feasible as it increases productivity and brings about additional income.

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How CHRP-INDIA helps in creating Custom eLearning Solutions/Courses for Organizations?

CHRP-INDIA devises Custom eLearning Solutions to facilitate the tremendous task of organizations to train and maintain their workforce. We provide cost and time-efficient courses involving concise content based on engaging visual conception, graphical illustrations and instructional displaying elements thereby enhancing your experience. They are designed to coincide with your company’s principles and goals thus, yielding optimum results.

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