Why Branding is Important for Off-the-Shelf Courses?

Off-the-Shelf courses are pre-designed courses that convey the originality range suggested to be imparted by a convinced trainer. These courses are inexpensive, saves time and are easily available. They need the only installation which is a quick process. Off-the-Shelf courses are applicable when training is more worldwide in nature.

This is why, Off-the-Shelf courses are opted…!

  • Off-the-Shelf courses are more generic and are used for training when the content is universal. These courses cover all the relevant topics which are suitable for training and they are informative, they consume less time unlike time spent on customizing the content.
  • These courses are worth when the requirement is crucial and affordable as they are ready-made. The investment incurred on these courses is less as they don’t require additional resources.
  • These courses are created by industry experts and analysts thereby increases knowledge retention, which improves your online training.
  • The Off-the-Shelf courses are pre-designed and don’t require any time or space.
  • Off-the-Shelf eLearning removes the necessity to procure an eLearning development team and outsource content creation projects.

Significance of Branding!

The companies require a pin-point label to get its recognition and fame in the market. Every company looks for colorful, flashy, striking and most of all the look for its identity. This is what is called Branding!

The prominence of these eLearning courses is to get transformation in employees. Hence these courses are build by keeping the values of the company in mind. These values set the company’s objectives and a powerful brand should impact these values into a global mark. The brand creates an identity of a company. Hence, the learning platforms should have branding as a high priority element.

The Off-the-Shelf courses should imbibe the branding elements like color schemes, images, creative logos, fonts, and artistic layouts to create the company’s identity. Bearing these in mind the employees recognize the courses. They get motivated and show zeal to opt for these courses, which is vital for the initial start of buying from employees for the learning program.

Branding creates trust. A branded learning platform strengthens the values behind the learning content. Branding the courses builds the belief and value of learning and development throughout the organization and will interest and involves learners.

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Key points to remember when selecting Off-the-Shelf Courses!

  • Off-the-Shelf comes in the widest range of possibilities and are generic. Hence you will have to select courses that fit your company’s requirements and work processes.
  • The corporate learners expect the online training courses to be receptive and accessible on any device.
  • One can enhance the current eLearning course design and can expand the online training library through ready-made Off-the-Shelf online training resources which are cost-effective.
  • While selecting the Off-the-Shelf courses bear in mind the learner’s requirements. Hence companies must consider what type of learners they are targeting to, as sometimes some companies have a mixed set of learners like the old and young generations.
  • Branding the course is an important part of the company’s training policy, it looks for a content provider who can upload the company logo and requirements to reflect the brand identity. Hence, select for the consistent content provider.

If Off-the-Shelf is your company’s choice, then we are here to attest the brand with our training courses – CHRP-INDIA!

CHRP-INDIA designed and developed Off-the-Shelf courses through years of research and understanding various business scenarios and case studies. The content is sole the intellectual property right of CHRP-INDIA, which has been built by renowned industry experts.

CHRP-INDIA offers customize Off-the-Shelf courses to accord your branding. We help learners to decide and pick the exact courses which suits their company’s requirements.


We are here for YOU……!


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