5 Tips to gamify your training infographic


5 Tips to Gamify Your Training Infographic

Many organization is now adopting a gamified learning approach to make the learning experiences more memorable, enjoyable and impactful, which makes the learning fun as it is informative. Here are the 5 tips that can help you gamify your training.

Gamification elements have to be then aligned as per the logical progression of the training event.

– Evaluate answers display as trainee progression

– Give instant feedback. In video games, instant feedback is the act of returning information to the player immediately after the completion of an action. As a part of training, the answer would be given immediately after the learner has posed a question or performed an exercise. This technique is used by game designers because it is one of the conditions to create flow, an optimal state of mind that increases the concentration and pleasure of the player.

– Put some rhythm in your training. Avoid time-outs. Learning with instant feedback is more dynamic! In the context of an eLearning, each action of the trainee produces an immediately observable effect on the situation of the game.

– Reward trainees for their successes



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