High Impact Training via Mobile Learning and Gamification

One of the skills in creating e-learning courses was the story-telling dimension. This changes with mobile.  – Geoff Stead

Whether the organization’s learning strategy be Online training or blended approach, Mobile Learning with Gamification plays a high impact on the learner.

Mobile Learning in concise:

The fully responsive format and multi-device support of mobile learning are the reasons for establishing mobile learning as a “must have” part of the training delivery.

Stats for reaffirming m Learning a “must have”

1. 70% of the learners felt more motivated when training through a mobile device than a desktop (Source: LearnDash)

2. By using Mobile Learning strategy the Learners study 40 minutes longer than using desktop or tablet. (Source: MNALearning)

3. The rate of completion of course material using mobile learning is 45% higher than using a desktop or tablet. (Source: Lynda)

Gamification in concise:

Better learning experience and Prompting behavioral changes made Gamification as a fast emerging and effective technique to engage learners.

Stats for reaffirming gamification as an “effective technique”

1. Learners increased their time spent on learning concept by 370% through a gamified system. (Source: Paycor)

2. Interactive learning games show a 60% increase in learner engagement and 43% enhancement of employee productivity. ( Source: eLearning Industry)

3. Half of the learners are motivated by leaderboards and increased competition between learners. (Source: Paycor)

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Impact of the combination of Mobile Learning and Gamification:

Mobile learning and Gamification are 2 leading strategies that have changed the face of Online training delivery system. When used in combination, they multiply their gains.

Benefits of the combined power

1. Motivation and higher interaction

Mobile Learning offers on the go learning, and Gamification offers interactive learning by allowing learners to face challenges and a sense of achievements. The combination offers a higher level of motivation and interaction.

2. Mastery

The trainers can use gamified strategies (pushing learner to accept challenges, quiz) to provide formative feedback. By offering these in a mobile-based learning format increases the learner’s participation and learning.

3. As a Continuum

By using Gamification strategy delivered through Mobile learning, the trainer can continuously provide learning assets, and this creates a productive learning culture.

4. Improved ROI

The moment the learners are engaged, motivated to take training that is available on demand, there will be a strong foundation to meet the positive ROI. By providing continuous improvement to the powerful combination of Mobile Learning and Gamification will create a positive impact on ROI.

Best Practices to adopt while using the combination:

The combination of Mobile Learning and Gamification will succeed if

1. Overview of the program is provided and understood by the learner.

2. Micro gamified assets meet the specific learning outcome

3. Scores, leaderboards, and badges are effectively used to encourage learner’s participation

4. Further challenges enabled to increase learner’s skills

At a glance, this article provides information about the high impact of the powerful combination of Mobile Learning and Gamification strategies for online learning. And the benefits, and best practices to adopt while using the combination.

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