Microlearning with Mobile Learning

As an emerging discipline within eLearning, Microlearning Solutions is being increasingly adopted by institutions and corporates alike globally. The reason is not very difficult to understand. The byte-sized chunks of learning have enhanced interaction, engagement, and involvement of the participants to a great extent. This, in turn, has led to the better fulfillment of the training objectives.

The other reason why microlearning solutions are getting popular is the increased proliferation of smartphones. With smartphone-based learning, microlearning has come up as a good training strategy. In order to know how the value emanates at their intersection, let’s take a look at the individual components and their advantages.

A background about mobile learning

As an eLearning technique, mobile learning is growing fast as the preferred training methodology, especially amongst the millennials. It offers access to learning assets anywhere and at any time. Trainees or learners need not be physically present. They can access the courses over online from the comforts of their homes or offices.

Moreover, mobile learning can be imparted across a broad range of devices – from a 4-inch feature phone to a 10-inch tablet. The incredible efficacy and immense portability make mobile learning a go-to methodology for almost all types of corporate training and learning courses. With the app-based education dispensing channel, smartphones allow learning to carry on even when the device is offline. A large number of performance support tools are available online to make it a boon for learners. They can access these tools to enhance their learning capabilities.

Microlearning and Its Key Highlights

As the name suggests, microlearning is a key eLearning mechanism. It copes with the shortened attention span of learners and provides small nuggets of knowledge at a given point in time. A typical micro learning session lasts between 2 and 5 minutes. There are many benefits to going for microlearning, in addition to coping with the lower attention spans.

With microlearning, trainers in a corporate scenario can easily utilize the small chunks with their on-job roles and responsibilities. Because of the heightened engagement factor, there is an increased likelihood of completion rates among the learners. This, in turn, makes it a highly impactful training methodology in modern times.

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Why a Blend of Microlearning and Mobile Learning makes perfect sense?

Microlearning and mobile learning, when combined together, deliver stellar eLearning outcomes. The bite-sized training can be easily imparted on smartphone and encourage on-the-go learning. Trainees and learners get an enhanced learning experience with the help of its portable nature.

Students can carry out the learning at their own pace. They don’t even need to access special online resources. All they need to do is download an app and the course will stay in their pockets till they uninstall it. The blend of Microlearning and mobile learning is made further beneficial. Innovative thinking can help inculcate the success drivers of eLearning into this blend too. Such factors include gamification, videos, and interactive videos.

All these components work seamlessly to provide a rich, engaging, and deeply personalized learning experience online.

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