How to overcome monotonous and create more engaging eLearning?

“In order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of the instructor is optional, but the role of the learner is essential.” – Bernard Bull

It is an absolute truth by now that we, as eLearning Solutions developers want to always be creative, innovative and engage our target audience with lasting impression content. However, as we all know, the topics we write about are not so engaging in particular. Training, courses, finance, safety, ethics, etc. are not going to make our readers leap with joy and sit through the entire session.

In this space, we give you a few useful tips to change all of this and make a lasting impression.

  • Understand your audience

Before we go over creating better content, we must understand who will be our target audience. First, ask yourself if the content is going to be useful for the learner. Not all learners have the same capacity at which they grasp information. Do a heavy research on the topic and then look out for how other learners have responded to the same. It will give you an idea of what to cover and what not to.

  • Use bright colors

People are attracted to colors; use fiery red, dark pink, a deep yellow. Move away from creating simple and classy e-learns with a dull grey and black unless completely not necessary. Learn the psychology of colors:

– Use warm colors to get your learners more excited, and

– Cool colors to soothe their brain throughout the session

Restrict the palette to 2-4 colors. Using too many colors might confuse the learner and they might misinterpret any sentence.

Check out this link for better understanding of what colors could be used: Popular Color Schemes for E-Learning Design

  • Use of infographic

It is natural to be drawn by visually enhanced images. Use more bullet points; make complex theories easy to understand with moving images or videos; include screenshots for practical understanding, and lastly highlight content that could be turned into a simpler graphics.

Here are some sites where you can learn to create your own animated GIFs

  • Help navigate

Let go of locked navigation; learners like their freedom and want to explore. If your video is 3 minutes long and the learner misses out a point in the second minute, let them get back to the same point and start again. Do not keep the narration faster than the normal speed. Give it time and after the narration is complete, have a “NEXT” button to proceed.

  • Catch a rhythm

Unless it is Nutella, you would not want to gulp your food down at once. Similarly, feed your learners with as much information you think they can take in. Do not strain them with all of it at once. After one topic is over, keep an exercise section for them to practice and not forget it all. Maybe keep a scoring to make it competitive.

  • Market it

Give this utmost importance if you want to get big. If your company already has their own social media page then go crazy with the announcements of your upcoming topic. Ask for feedback. Flow information out on the biggest social media platforms with the trending hashtags and comments.

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Customize your learning

Know for a fact that your learners are always looking for what more you can provide them. Customize your experience with them so they look forward to more of your content and are able to relate to them. Narrate stories, use emotionally drawing subjects, and create an interface user experience with quizzes, games and more. Finally, let them believe that they have the control to this entire online experience.

With these tips in mind, you can surely take the entire learning experience to a new level altogether and deliver amazing outcomes with the learning programmes.

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