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How to Drive Engagement for Millennial’s Using eLearning

Learning should be an enriching experience for anybody who engages in it. Traditional teaching practices and conventional learning modules in education sector finds very few takers in today’s times. Gen X and Gen Y had no choice but to accept the brick and motor training methods which brought down engagement with its aging methodologies. We are living in the age of Millennial’s where learning is a fast pace, on the go interactive, communicative, and all about an exciting experience.

Who are Millennials?
Individuals born between the year 1982 and 2005 are flag-bearers of the millennial generation. They are ambitious, collaborative, and prefer interactive learning environments where there’s an opportunity for immersive and collective growth.

eLearning or online education has turned out to be an integral part of the present learning methodology. Especially, when it comes to training and educating Millennial’s, digital learning surely has a pivotal role to play.

Ways to use eLearning for better engagement with Millennial’s

Training such an enthusiastic group of people and turning eLearning into a viable option for them isn’t an easy thing to do. However, there are a few interesting ways in which the engagement can be elevated for better outcomes. Interested to know which are these tips? Then read on and be informed:

1. Create challenges

The Millennial’s prefers real scenarios that pose serious challenges to their creativity or intellect. You have to create challenging tasks where they come across a real challenge and have to overcome it through practical experiences. The entire affair would evoke thoughts and emotions thus leaving indelible impressions on their minds.

2. Integrate social media

The power of social media is undeniable. Millennial’s spend a huge amount of time on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. That’s not all; some of them are also venturing into the online business arena through social networking sites. By integrating social media into your eLearning solutions strategies, you can engage your target group even more.

3. Gamify digital learning

Millennials are part of a world that revolves around Augmented Reality, VR experiences, and virtual games. Tapping into this particular area would be highly beneficial. As a new-age educator, you can leverage the gaming technology and create powerful games for learners. The millennial generation would love to engage in games that give them optimum enjoyment along with providing necessary learning opportunities. Hence, the entire experience would turn out to be engaging and interactive.

4. Introduce microlearning

Byte-sized learning helps to cater to the decreasing attention span of the Millennials. With smaller digestible chunks of learning imparted, the training efficacy shoots up dramatically and the engagement factor too remains high.

5. Encourage group discussions

Online learning communities and groups promote collaborative education to a great extent. With targeted eLearning modules, you can encourage group discussions and create an ambience of participation.

Final thoughts

Following the right trends will surely help you introduce a new way of learning for the millennial generation. With these tips in mind, you can surely take the entire learning experience to a new level altogether and deliver amazing outcomes with the learning programmes.

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