Microlearning VS Traditional Learning, Who will win the race?

Training and learning are two aspects that meet you at every moment of your life. Businessmen and corporate leaders employ periodic learning to make the trainees prepared for the demands of their job responsibilities. They may also employ various learning assets to improve outcomes in carrying out their job or roles.

Thanks to a variety of advanced technologies. There are multiple choices in training and learning methodology. Some prefer modules-based micro learning, while others may go for comprehensive traditional learning. It is not surprising to know that many trainers get confused when selecting between microlearning and traditional learning. This post will help you to understand the right answer.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a compact form of knowledge provided to learners and divided into multiple small chunks. Learners can only the necessary information for a specific time or for a specific job.

The audio and visual assistance in the compact form of knowledge makes micro learning exceptionally useful for businesses for engagement and grasping of knowledge. Trainers can align learning objectives directed towards their specific job goals. These help in improves learners skills and help them to perform efficiently.

Microlearning challenges                                                                        

There are a few challenges that a business might face when implementing microlearning.

1. A disconnection between different learning parts

Cutting knowledge into bite-sized pieces seems an intelligent move.  However, this job is critical and requires careful implementation. Without a correct approach, one can lose the connection between different pieces. This can create a sense of confusion among learners.

2. Unplanned use of learning elements

A variety of elements such as images, keywords, concepts and others elements are used to provide quick pieces of knowledge in microlearning. However, the selection and placement of these elements require professional expertise. A streamlined plan is what presents the right elements in the right form to the learners.

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What is Traditional Learning?

Traditional learning dives deeper in terms of training and learning. Traditional learning usually includes an instructor along with physical assets like books, references, and notes. Learners follow a continuous training model for a long period of time and get introduced to all aspects of their training goals.

Traditional learning challenges

Just like Micro Learning, there are a few challenges you can expect in the traditional learning approach, which may include:

1. Inconsistency in goals and teaching approach

The long-term training model sometimes deflects from the desired path. In-depth analysis and strategic implementation are required for traditional learning methods. Also, an expert team needs to keep monitoring an ongoing program in order to keep training on the right path.

2. Cost and time

Comparatively, traditional learning requires high costs than microlearning. On the other hand,  employees and training managers must give a sufficient time for it. In this process, it impacts daily tasks until you complete the entire training program.

What suits your business best nowadays?

Microlearning is definitely better for all kinds of business context nowadays. The table here  gives a quick overview of why micro learning makes far better business sense than traditional learning

Traditional Learning Micro Learning
60 -90 minutes segments 5-15 minutes segments
Bland and monotonous text-based lectures Engaging audio-visual effects for a better learning experience
Linear and trainer-driven Flexible and learner-driven
Expensive Cost-effective
Single-use Shareable  and reusable
The same pace for everyone Self-paced and level based.

It is clear that you can boost your business’ training ROI by employing micro learning into your training methodology.


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Traditional Learning VS Micro Learning

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