How elearning is shaping the future of trainers and learners?

Learning as we know it is continually evolving. There was a time when if you want to learn a skill or obtain a certificate, you would have to sign-up for a course at a bricks-and-mortar institution, pay every relevant fee, and then attend classes physically. Now, the preference of learners has changed with the eLearning solutions. Personalized learning, Immersive learning, Mobile-based on the go-learning, Microlearning, and relevant obtainable content at any point of need are what learners want and there is no better way of getting it than eLearning.

Although the traditional method of teaching also has to do with oral presentations, many learners prefer the eLearning technique because it is more convenient. According to a recent study, students in classes with a traditional method of delivery are 1.5 times more likely to fail than students using stimulating methods to learn at their own pace. This shows how much eLearning is shaping the future of our learners and trainers.

How is eLearning changing the Future?

Self-paced and quick learning

The primary motive behind introducing eLearning technologies was to speed up the learning process without compromising on the quality of learning. But in a traditional classroom, you need to wait for the teacher to move to the next topic which at times take weeks. Thus, reducing the number of contents you would have covered over that period of time.

Increasing Motivation in Learners

With “eLearning Solutions” learners are acquiring the knowledge through a tailor-made and personal approach to teaching where they focus on their knowledge gaps and increasing the motivation for learning new things. Instead of endlessly going over the same unified and redundant curriculum.

Ensures facilitator are in sync with their learners

Leaner-Trainer bond is a vital ingredient to a successful and effective learning culture. While the classroom offers an arena where students compete to get the attention of their tutors, eLearning offers a swift and direct connection with your teacher through instant messaging or email for a more private consulting.

Techniques use by Trainers to Impact Learners Through eLearning

Gamification and Micro-learning technique

According to the meta-analysis, published in the proceedings of the National academy of science, it was concluded that teaching techniques that turn students into active participants rather than passive listeners reduce the rate of failure and boost exams score by 40%. Gamification and microlearning techniques of e-learning delivery make use of a game application and non-game elements. To make courses more fun, engaging, and well presented in simple fragments.

Blended learning and mixed reality

When it comes to acquiring knowledge, eLearning has revolutionized the process. With a mixture of both the classroom environment, mixed reality. Students can feel and view content from 360 angles, hear incredible sounds and watch stimulation. According to a research conducted to test student level of understanding using classroom lecture and lectures based on augmented reality, the t-test result revealed that augmented reality exceeds traditional classroom learning style in enhancing student performance because both blended and mixed reality gave students diverse thinking angles.

Video-based learning and mobile-based learning

The immense success of YouTube, Vine, and Vimeo prove that learners are more comfortable digesting contents by watching a video than reading. Short and engaging video contents assessed through mobile devices. Which enable learners to reap the benefits of just in time delivery and that makes tutors more efficient impacting learners.


Although the brain assimilates, store, and retains virtual and digital information faster than reading texts, the quality of content delivery matters a lot to keep the learner engaged. We at CHRP-INDIA are specialized in providing custom eLearning solutions that will meet all your training and learning needs.

Our team would be able to suggest the best trending learning approaches for your training needs. So that you get immense ROI on your training and learning initiatives.

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