Top 5 Exciting Use Cases in Microlearning

Microlearning is an interesting approach adopted for skill-based learning that is growing faster in the mainstream. It is directed at providing accurate and exact information to learners in order to achieve their learning goals. Corporate companies are catching up with microlearning trends at a greater speed.

The top 5 companies that adopted micro learning at their workplaces include

1.Bloomingdale: The furniture and house items superstore wanted to incorporate safety practices among its worldwide employees of 10,000+. They preferred training sessions of no more than 5 minutes on measures like using ladders, cleaning broken glass, using box cutters. An employee is free to undergo a session via tablets or POS systems. This was again a huge success with a 41% decrease in safety accidents.

2.At Home: This home décor retail chain was desperately looking for a complete employee training. Microlearning programs in a game-like version were implemented in training, onboarding, customer service and at leadership training level. More than 3000 employees receive short sessions of individual training each day. As in the earlier examples, areas for improvement are suggested. This approach has led to a 36% decrease in incidents occurring due to lack of safety.

eLearning Solutions3.Walmart: The International retail chain of supermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores operate across multiple countries and safety (accidents and workplace injuries) has always been a challenge for them. The company wanted to have a safety approach to minimize accidents and injuries and the related expenditure.

eLearning Solutions

They collaborated with an eLearning supplier to incorporate Axonify, a micro-learning program that enhances employee knowledge with respect to safety and keeps it at the foremost in their minds. Here, the employees are engaged in a game scenario for 3-5 minutes, which also blends in learning about safety practices.

The game-like environment calls for competition with colleagues and when employees’ performance data on safety is fed into the program, the training is adjusted individually for each employee. The program has been immensely successful with a 54% reduction in accidents resulting in revenue saving millions.

4.IHG: The InterContinental Hotels Group was in need of a training that would keep them abreast with the growing number of customers and their concerns. They have limited to traditional classroom training but a micro-learning supplier started specific sessions for everyone, which is accessible from any device.

The bite-sized training, as it is called, was gladly welcomed by all in a span of 2 days. Onboarding time has come down to 2 weeks from 5 weeks and employees are faring better in assessment.

5.Magellan Health: This NASDAQ listed, managed healthcare company, and could record only 80 employees among 6,900, who actually spent time on the official learning platform, in a whole year.

eLearning solutions

A supplier comprehensive microlearning library was implemented to show high impact results with 80% of the employees taking part in the sessions. In fact, employees are participating in more training sessions than required – which speaks volumes about the level of engagement.

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