How Mercedes-Benz implement Augmented Reality to train their Employees

Corporate grooming and industrial training are evolving each day. With dynamic thought processes at managerial levels and powerful tools like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, entrepreneurs and corporate trainers have ample opportunities to simulate and engage employees.

Stats suggest

AR technology has fueled corporate training, thus adding to global market revenues. Towards, the end of 2023, market growth is expected to touch $2.8 billion, as per the expert projections statistics. With close to 543 startups already embracing the AR technology along with market Mercedes Benz incorporating AR into their training schedules, Augmented Reality surely has a long way to go.

Assessing the AR effect

The idea of leveraging AR for corporate training ensure remarkable benefits, for instance,

– Entertaining and interactive: Employees are the most valuable resources of your venture. With training programs powered by Augmented Reality Solutions, the entire experience turns out to be interactive and intuitive.

– Intensive and detailed training: A brand like Mercedes Benz is known for delivering unmatched vehicle performance. This game-changing edge is not if their employees don’t get a chance to engage in intensive training. With AR-powered devices, they get a 360-degree view of internal operations, 3D mapping and critical specifications of the vehicle.

Defining use cases: What Mercedes Benz is up to?

As one of the prominent and popular brand in the professional arena, Mercedes Benz has put AR to great use. It is inevitable that they don’t carve a strategy without being sure about the endgame and their giant stride towards AR integration is no exception.

The brand is leveraging Microsoft’s HoloLens AR tool to perform manufacturing operations, initiate corporate training, as well as revolutionize sales. Here’s how things are taking place:

1.Intensive and picture-perfect insights: Their employees are gaining crucial insights into device functioning. With HoloLens’ AR tool, they have an opportunity to view and assess 3D mapping alongside inspecting the internal functioning.

2.Manufacturing training: The manufacturing team at Mercedes Benz are giving their best to practice while training their internal staff. This particular investment will surely justify the end gains as manufacturing trainees are taking a closer look at the critical manufacturing operations.

3.Sales impetus: AR has propelled growth and introduced exceptional training at all levels. The marketing and communications team is leveraging the device for helping buyers get birds’ eye-view of safety features, car controls, and design engineering. That’s surely improving the sales figures.

A dynamic and intuitive technology like Augmented Reality is destined to bring in great news for the automotive industry.

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