Top Real-World Applications on Augmented Reality

Innovation is an inseparable part of the intrinsic operations followed by present-day organizations. From tech giants to startup ventures, every business establishment is trying their best to integrate the latest technologies into existing enterprise architecture. As a result, consumers have the opportunity to gain exciting real-world experiences with the help of technologies like Augmented Reality solutions.

Stats speak

Market stats reveal the impact of Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions, across diverse sectors. Almost 543 startups have embraced this innovation and numerous ventures are planning to build highly powerful AR apps quite soon. As predictions suggest AR will attract approximately 1 billion people by the end of 2020, which reflects its growth and development quite evidently.

From education and entertainment to healthcare and travels, AR has revolutionized various sectors across industry verticals. Here’s a quick note on the most powerful and dynamic AR apps creating quite some buzz.

  1. Airport apps

The ‘Gatwick airport passenger app’ is one of the revolutionary AR apps. The application helps passengers achieve successful navigation throughout the airport across the terminals. The presence of close to 2000 beacons results in improved traffic throughout the airport.

Augmented Reality Solutions
Source: digitaltrends

2. Ikea Place app

Buying furniture can now be easier with Ikea Place app. You will get a crystal clear picture of its arrangement in real world and can also scan the available space within the room. Designing the elements accordingly will become easier and homeowners can develop an idea of how their room will look with the new products.

Augmented Reality Solutions

3. Dulux Visualizer

Before nailing down the final decision for buying your home paint, how about checking the shades in real time? With Dulux Visualizer, you can leverage the smartphone, scan images of your room, and paint it with the hues of your choice.

Augmented Reality Solutions 5

4. Measured by Lowe’s

Another innovative and unique application for measuring the space within your home. This particular app by Lowes, a home renovation store, allows the placement of 3D images of accessories and furnishings within the available home space.

Augmented Reality solutons 3
Source: vudream

5. AccuVein

If you are looking for the revolutions created by AR Apps in healthcare, AccuVein will emerge as the first option. The application can scan and record the network of patients thus preventing escalations up to 45%.

Augmented Reality solutons 8
Source: wearablezone

6. AR Diagnostic Tools

Augmented Reality has left significant impacts on health care. AR-powered apps can help surgeons identify the targeted treatments in a particular condition. That’s not all, they will have the opportunity to make crucial considerations while making the first cut.

Augmented Reality solutions 2
source: autoguide

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We have seen the top 6 best real-world application of Augmented Reality. The striking balance between the virtual space and the real world leads to successful AR solutions. No matter which sector you are operating in, powerful, highly functional, and innovative AR apps will surely take operations to the next level.

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