Video-based Learning Trends for 2018

When it comes to innovating learning processes across diverse channels and sectors, captivating visuals play a pivotal role in driving engagement, participation, and involvement. Compelling and meaningful videos leave indelible impressions on an individual’s mind, and that’s what has led to the unmatched growth of video-based learning. A quick glance at the statistics will reveal the actual scenario.

While 2016-17 was considered to be the growth years of video-based solutions, it is the year 2018 that proved its worth. As per the statistics, video ranks in the leading spot when it comes to choosing channels for successful learning deliveries. That brings us to the point where it is imperative to know about trends rule video-based solutions in the year 2018.

Trends to watch out for

Whether it’s about fostering an environment of integrated education or accelerating employee performance, the engaging and captivating videos have always been the go-to aids. The user engagement factor, dynamism, and cost reduction associated with video-based learning catapulted it to the center-stage. Let’s take a look at the following  Video-based Learning Trends that determine the growth of video-based learning in years to come:

  1. Instructional videos for specific tasks

Inspired by the YouTube model, instructional videos focus on one single task at a time. The short, crisp, and informative videos help you learn any topic at a given time. With more and more viewers realizing its importance, this trend is becoming highly popular.

  1. The mobile innovation

Interactive courses and mobile devices have come together to deliver extraordinary solutions. Technical glitches and technological hassles were causing difficulties in the video creation process. However, the emergence of HTML5 package created opportunities for the conceptualization, sharing, and creation of HTML5 contents such as engaging videos, interactive presentations, and videos.

  1. Gamification will be bigger and better

Mobile games are entertaining, engaging, and immersive. It goes without saying that they would promote interactive learning in a new way. As far as the present trends suggest, gamification will inspire several areas including:

Innovation at enterprise

Employee performance

Globalizing higher education

Introduction of customer engagement frameworks

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  1. User-generated content heads towards growth

Training videos created by users happen to be highly engaging. These short, crisp, and easy-to-understand videos are gaining huge popularity and embraced by Generation Z at a rapid pace. Not to forget the presence of social features that make these videos engaging and interactive.

  1. Tracking progress with metrics

Feedback analysis and data collection are the two most crucial factors for promoting its growth. Video-based learning platforms would leverage metrics and deliver reports about performances. It’s here that effective, targeted, and innovative data analysis prove to be important.

  1. Generation, transfer, and sharing of knowledge

Videos and visual-learning aids will accelerate the process of learning across sectors. The more time you take to train employees, the more you affect the productivity. Since the relationship is directly proportional, it becomes imperative to rely on video-based solutions that promote positive growth within an organization.

Parting thoughts

These trends will surely act as eye-openers for entrepreneurs and trainers trying to leverage video-based solutions. In case you have learner engagement and interaction core to your training program’s success, then it makes total sense to go with a reputed expert like CHRP-INDIA for video-based solutions. Our eLearning solutions enable accelerated pace of meeting business objectives with strategically designed eLearning solutions. Check out our Custom eLearning Solutions; call us on +91 40 6634 0090 / 91 (or) write to us at

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