Benefits of Microlearning in Training

Bite-sized learning makes it easier to find the information that learner need, when they need it- Linda Lorenzetti.

Microlearning is a brief learning nugget of 3-5 minutes long, designed to meet specific learning outcomes. It offers formal training, however, it finds a wide usage in informal training, which focuses on the performance gain of a learner.

Microlearning nuggets were typically designed in rich media formats and accessible from multiple devices to provide just in time training for the learner.

Benefits of Microlearning:

Microlearning offers various benefits to both the learner and the business.

Benefits of Microlearning for Learners:

1. Learner-Centric:

Microlearning nuggets can be created using various learning formats and are more likely to match individual learning styles. This provides learning more personalized and flexible for the learner.

2. Just-in-time:

This is the biggest benefit of Microlearning, as these nuggets are available to the learners precisely at the moment of their need.

3. Accessible:

To provide higher flexibility to learners to learn on the device of their choice, Microlearning can be designed for multi-device delivery.

4. Rich media:

Microlearning nuggets include rich media formats, which can provide high retention of knowledge to the learner.

5. Consumes Less time:

Microlerningoffers shorter learning span of 3-5 minutes, which is ideal for the adult learners to keep them engaged and not getting bored.

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Benefits of Microlearning for Business:                               

1. Affordable costs:

Due to shorter learning spans, Microlearning costs is less compared to traditional learning.

2. Shorter development Cycle:

The run length and various formats used to develop microlearning assets have a shorter development cycle.

3. Easy to Regulate

Microlearning nuggets can easily be updated and modified

4. High Impact:

Microlearning nuggets are designed to meet learning outcomes. They can be used very effectively to bring positive impact on learning and application.

To Conclude:

As an emerging discipline within eLearning, Microlearning is being increasingly adopted by institutions and corporates globally. This article provides information related to the Benefits of Microlearning for Training.

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