How to overcome the common eLearning challenges?

When considering the best training and solutions to your employees it is not easy to set-up. You need to create and deliver custom learning solutions program that addresses the training challenges for your organization. This will help you to remain at the top of the game and flexible adequate to change as your company evolves.

So, what is the most common eLearning challenges faces by an organization? Here are some ideas and suggestions for you to consider.

– Learner motivation

One of the most common eLearning challenges that every organization is facing is lack of learner motivation. It might be caused by learners who aren’t interested in the content or aren’t enthusiastic about the subject. To overcome this challenge, it’s a very important thing that to make the eLearning course as immersive learning and creating engaging content. Even the topics which are boring, it has to be made into exciting and effective training content. Gamification, learning through Virtual Reality, Videos, Infographic and etc gives the leaner’s the opportunity to immerse themselves within the subject, rather than just reading and mugging the subject.

Millennials are great ambassadors for new ways of training.

– Time management of the learner

The millennial generation is running short on time. There are not showing interest in learning new things due to lack of time management. They always busy browsing the social media app’s that kills the time while learning. This is because of lack of attention and afraid of reading long content. You can overcome this challenge by ensuring eLearning course in byte-size chunks that they can access wherever and whenever learners want to learn. You should avoid lengthy text lines that make the learner’s attention deviation. You’ll need to grab learner attention from the beginning with infographics, video graphics, and images, and keep them engaged with multimedia elements which deliver key pieces of information clearly and brief.

– eLearning offers no support to the learner

The belief that eLearning courses offer no support for their learners which leads to prevent enrolling the eLearning programs. To overcome this eLearning challenge, be sure to have a solid support system in place for all of your learners. Offer them an FAQ, Instant messaging support, Forums, Social Media groups and many more. It’s also a good idea to encourage look with difficulty collaboration.  Carrying doubts in mind that one of the most important advantages of eLearning is that you can work at your own pace.

With eLearning, it’s easy to monitor individual completion and achievement rates.

– The belief that learners should be tech savvy.

Every learner is not going to have the latest tech gadgets. This challenge can be overcome by ensuring that your eLearning course is available on a wide range of devices and platforms, easy to navigate. For example, you shouldn’t create the video tutorial that leaner cannot pause or stop in the middle regardless of whether they are watching it on their personal laptop or Mobile devices. In other words keep the course simple, but meaningful, when integrating multimedia into their eLearning course.

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By solving the above challenge you can create impactful and enlightening eLearning courses for your learners. Bring on-board a competent eLearning specialist like CHRP-INDIA to create smart learning content developed as per your training objectives. If you would like to know more about our Custom eLearning Solutions talk to our experts, Call us on +91 40 6634 0090 / 91 (or) write to us

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