Why to Implement eLearning in an Organization?

Having an in-depth knowledge of what we do is of great importance.  For an organization to gain the full value of work from its employees, it is paramount the employees be efficient and knowledgeable. To achieve this goal, work training in an organization is important.

Today, eLearning is the most profitable means of imparting work training to its employees. The biggest advantage of eLearning Solutions over other methods of training is its cost-effectiveness. It reduces the cost of labor, space and provides an immense ROI to the company. However, this can be achieved, only when the implementation happens in a strategic manner. There are a few pre-requisites that dictate the right direction for meeting the eLearning objectives.

Interested to see what these are, then read and find out.

Mental and Physical Preparedness

For an organization to adopt eLearning, it requires mental and physical planning. This implies getting familiar with its employees’ ease with technology, knowing how web savvy its employees are, and also upgrading its infrastructure and narrowing the training objectives.The organization must chalk out the details of its goals before venturing to eLearning solutions.

Buy in for stakeholders

There will be a significant shift in budget allocation and workforce schedule streamlining when a new initiative is launched. Hence, you need to prepare a business case that will justify the introduction of eLearning solutions within an organizational scheme of things.The cost overhands will span a number of factors, like compensating the training staff, purchase of new equipment and related ongoing costs.

Getting the process streamlined

Smart eLearning implementation depends on whole-hearted participation from various functions, teams, and line supervisors. Right from a shift in mindset (from traditional classroom-based to self-paced online training) to getting top leadership, buy-in to drill down the benefits of eLearning to teams under them, there will be a lot to be done.

Examine existing resources

A good eLearning implementation reuses the existing resources of the company. So, if you already have an L&D team, bring them up to speed about eLearning rather than handling the entire thing yourself. Similarly, you can figure out the key success driver of the eLearning process (from amongst QA, designers, project managers, and SMEs) that is missing and needs to be recruited.

Taking small steps is wise

The true eLearning implementation begins with simple steps. Start from a single course for a specific team or vertical. This will provide valuable takeaways on what needs to be done to fine-tune the process and improve the efficacy of the implementation.

Getting Professionals on board

eLearning can further be enhanced if it is taken care of by people with proven capabilities.  This will ensure that the goals intended by an organization are fully met and it is not a futile endeavor.  An expert like CHRP-INDIA will be a suitable tech partner to power up your eLearning objectives. We have diverse domain exposure to industries like:

1. Automotive

2. Education Management

3. Engineering (OEMs)

4. Industrial Engineering

5. Banking and Financial Services (BFSI)

6. Consumer markets

7. Oil & Gas

8. Energy

9. Aerospace and

10. Logistics

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Handling complex projects on such wide and varied eLearning needs positions us front and center as a preferred eLearning implementation partner for your specific L&D goals.

In addition to eLearning, we are also into Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Translation and Localization, Publishing and Multimedia, Software Services and Business Consulting.

To explore the Custom eLearning Solutions offered by us, talk to us and know more. Call us on +91 40 6634 0090 / 91 (or) write to us reach@chrp-india.com.

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