How is VR Accelerating the L&D Objectives of Businesses Worldwide?

As a new age technology, Virtual Reality (VR) is having far-reaching effects on multiple industries. Many companies are now adopting VR technology to meet specific goals. This explains the huge jump in global VR market from $3.13 billion in 2017 to $49.7 billion by 2023. Its impact can be felt on many verticals like education, L&D, and industrial engineering,

Which sectors are witnessing an impact?

While the potential for VR is definitely there, it is heartening to see there are some industries that have already started reaping dividends from their investment in VR. Today, we cover three such sectors –


1 – Technical training

Doctors, pilots, and aeronautical engineers can now benefit from VR. They work in a complex environment that needs high precision. Training with such challenges becomes an issue. However, VR manages to solve a lot of these issues with the help of immersive virtual experiences in training.


2 – Business training

In a business context, VR can have great outcomes in healthcare sector, safety training, technical skills development, and employee induction. Likewise, VR  can also impact customer support and leadership skill development. This is estimated to boost company productivity by 20% to 30%.

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3 – Education training

VR helps students to learn better, retain more information, and recollect and remember information better. Since this is one of the most critical result areas for an education institute, many learning centers are adopting VR in their curriculum. No wonder even the Facebook CEO sees a potential in VR with his recent $10 million aid announcement to bring VR in learning applications.


With these examples, it is clear that more and more companies are going to step up their investment into VR to boost their L&D objectives. If you are interested in utilizing our solutions for immersive VR experiences, then make sure to contact CHRP-INDIA. We have in-depth experience in developing realistic and life-like VR experiences. With this, you can avail phenomenal ROI on your L&D training goals. Get in touch with us for a demo at

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