Effectiveness of Microlearning through AR/VR

Microlearning is a proven approach to improve knowledge retention and makes learning more effective for busy employees. If your aim is to improve assimilation and make learning effective among millennial of today, then microlearning is a definite success driver. It achieves this goal through truly immersive and experiential learning tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

How AR/VR brings effectiveness to Microlearning?

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of two such popular technologies on microlearning and how it is elevating the level of efficacy in microlearning – Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR).

1. Onboarding Online Tours

AR/VR companies are collaborating with eLearning modules to have the study material already inbuilt in the gadgets.  This gives an added advantage to user which makes learning easier and effortless.

Learners are able to meaningfully use the gadget in a more purposeful manner, as it is customized keeping in mind the end users, their requirements and easy accessibility to e-learning.  Learners are able to surf through vast pool of videos related to their topic of interest at one place, thereby reducing their unwanted efforts.

VR through microlearning

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2. Accident-free learning

Sometimes, demonstrating complex and dangerous topics can be a challenge. This risk is mitigated by Microlearning through AR/VR.  Here there is no physical contact with the actual thing, so however complex or dangerous a thing is needed to be delivered, it can be done safely.

For example, educating about some lethal chemical physically can be hazardous. Performing the same through VR demo video will reduce the risk involved and also enhance learning.

micro learning through VR

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3. Emergency alertness online training tutorials

Numerous difficulties are encountered on a day-to-day basis that need prudent responses.  Microlearning tutorials through AR/VR can greatly help to cope the stress and come out with a solution to deal with difficult situations, which can be detrimental if not attended to.

The readily available tools with training tutorials are of great help in any challenging situation

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4. Step Inside Skill-Based Serious Games

There are some serious games which can feature VR elements. Employees can interact in order to complete tasks or full-fledged VR environments that allow them to truly immersive and to step inside the real-life situations and challenges. While they build vital skills, employees earn badges, points and other intangible rewards that fuel their motivation. You can even create fictional or animated characters in the virtual world.

5. Examining eLearning infographics

Learning by images has always been proven to be fruitful in microlearning.  AR/VR tools use infographics that provide bite-sized pieces of information, which makes easy to grasp and assimilate. Users can gain an in-depth and detailed information and help themselves better suited to learning.

VR learning
VR learning

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To achieve growth, competitiveness, and profitability, companies must implement VR and AR technologies into their marketing plans. These aids are an added advantage to Microlearning. If you too require the business value of AR/VR to impact your microlearning objectives then you should bring on-board a trusted tech expert like CHRP-INDIA. We have resources and skills to let you make microlearning a successful endeavor within your corporate or academic training campaigns. Call us at +91 40 6634 0090/91 (or) write to us reach@chrp-india.com to learn more about our eLearning competencies.

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