Virtual Reality | A New Way To Learning and Training

Books provide you knowledge and training allows you to experience real life application of knowledge obtained from books. But CHRP’s specially designed virtual reality programs allow you to gain both knowledge and experience in any field for anyone, anywhere at any time.
Virtual reality is the latest development in the digital world that creates an artificial environment in such a way that the user leaves their belief and accepts it as a real environment. It is achieved through applications of sound, touch and sight.

Virtual Reality Applications

1. Virtual Reality Industrial Application

CHRP’S virtual reality Industrial application creates an virtual industrial setting that is apt for training. This cost – effective technique is also much safer. Users experience the settings of the industry and office environment without visiting them directly. They can fix problems, repair machines and also understand the structure of the upcoming work place. This technique can also be used for training employees in upcoming industrial setting that might be still under construction. The workers can replace these virtual settings to a real life setting easily after the training without any difficulty.

2. Virtual reality fire Safety Applications

CHRP’s Virtual Reality fire safety applications offers fire-fighters an amazing fire arena for combating fire fighting skills. The Fire-fighters can train themselves in a virtual reality environment which is both safe and offers a real life training. They can move inside the buildings, use all types of gadgets to stop the fire and can also save the people from fire through these Virtual reality applications. These Fire safety applications are useful for both fire fighters and common citizens by providing them training to act accordingly during emergency situations. These applications allow users to gain an individual and unique experience which is not possible during real life training.

3. Virtual Reality operational Applications

Real life training now a day’s lack proper coaching and wastage of resources. But Virtual reality operational applications allow you to train effectively in various operational applications like replacing batteries, repairing faulty machines, training in new office environment etc… Users can repair all kinds of machineries by using their own hands. This allows them understand all the minute details of the machinery. This application allows them to understand the machine part by part by removing and assembling them continuously without any cost damage. With these applications every employee can experience a similar type of training without any lag. The workers can undergo training multiple number of times and they will not be deemed qualified until they overcome the systems assessment.


4. VR applications for automotive industry

Automotive industry based training allows the users to train in virtual reality applications with various automobile designs from all over the world. Every automobile has a unique feature and it is practically impossible to train a person with all these types in real life training. But virtual reality applications allow the workers to train themselves in all types of machines and automobile designs. Users can dismantle and re-assemble all the automobiles in CHRP’s Virtual Reality applications for automotive industry. This allows them to create new designs and test their validity before creating them in reality.

Do not restrict education and training based on the available resources and cost. Provide your employees the best form of training with these virtual reality based applications created by the CHRP solutions for a real life – simulated training that is also cost effective.


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