How to Implement Virtual Reality Safety Training?

We have implemented Virtual Reality Safety training to many of the Industrial Companies for minimising their accidents and enhance employee skills. Nowadays Learning by doing, or Interactive learning has always been renowned as a vital method of transferring knowledge. Virtual Reality Training holds the potential to magnify the in-person learning through the maximum extent that can hold 10x retention and make him 100% confident in learning the skill. Due to that reason Industrial and manufacturing companies have begun to train the employee in VR to improve the several areas of internal operations including the Safety of the employee.
Generally, In industrial companies, risk and difficulties can be identified by experiences. In virtual reality, those are identified and can be rectified by the employees. Which is precisely why the benefits of virtual reality safety training for industrial companies.

Here is the list of safety Training in Virtual Reality
1. Virtual Reality training for Evacuation Training
2. Virtual Reality Training on Height Safety
3. Virtual Reality training for Fire Safety
4. Virtual Reality Operation safety process Training
5. Virtual Reality  Electrical Safety training
6. PPE Virtual Reality Safety Training

Out of these, here we will be discussing the major accidents that are occurring in the Industrial companies.

Virtual Reality Training on Fire Safety

In Industrial companies, fire accidents are the common occurring due complex of handling electrical wires. An employee working in the company has a little bit of knowledge on handling the fire and fire extinguisher.

Generally, while teaching fire safety through the fire extinguisher they don’t show the training by practical they will be teaching by showing a video or by showing the life. Due to the reason When Fire catches the room so many people will afraid and run out of the factory to save their life. Because they didn’t have experiences to stop the real fire with a fire extinguisher. Virtual Reality safety training is the only solution for this kind of situation.

Here in the training, it will train you what are the steps to be handle while fire catches the factory. CHRP-INDIA understood these kinds of scenario’s and developed the Virtual Reality Application for Fire Safety You can go through the below video. Virtual reality fire extinguisher training offers a high level of practicality due to the motion-based sensor technology in merged with highly reliable virtual reality solution.

Working on Heights Virtual Reality training

Working on heights, a person should able to practice how to conduct a proper harness inspection so that one can work at heights knowing you are safe at that point.
A person should visually inspect webbing, including identifying frays, cuts, burns and other damages that able to do by his own. These are randomly generated things can be used to practice and improve their skills.

So, here the possible way of practising the things is by doing in Virtual Reality. It provides a way to help and prepare people for real-life scenarios. Complex circumstances and procedures can be reconstructed through VR letting employees to rehearsal conditions in a simulated environment.

For instance, employees can practice welding without the risk of burn wounds or other injuries. Virtual reality can be used to create interactive scenarios similar to real-life situations. CHRP-INDIA identified this kind of accident and developed the VR working on heights application. You can watch the demo in the below.

Virtual Reality Operational Safety Training

Generally working in Oil and Gas plant are the most dangerous places. Due to performing various duties with the highly complex work procedure and complex protocols. The productivity of the company will be reduced if the productivity of the employee won’t increase. If they don’t practice while training session then company productivity won’t increase.
When operators reach skill, it means they are equipped to deal with rare process events. However, having this kind of engineering is usually only the result of expensive, time-consuming field experience, as well as on-the-job training?

All these can be cut-down by Virtual Reality training. VR Training needed to provide trainees with a safe space to learn together, with access to typical oil and gas plant simulation lessons at scale, within a learning management system (LMS). CHRP-INDIA have developed the Virtual Reality Application for safety operational. Please go through the link below.

CHRP-INDIA excel in Automotive Manufacturing, Service Operation, Construction Engineering, Product Simulations, Defense, Process Industries like Oil and Gas and Industrial Plastics Manufacturing companies for VR implementation for their Training and other Operations related to compliance risks which are directly impacting their business.

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