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HTC has launched its most awaited premium range of VIVE series “VIVE Cosmos” on 3rd October 2019. VIVE Cosmos offers native support of wireless for the PC Virtual Reality for the fine-tuning performance. The Simplified set up with inside-out tracking dive everyone into tailor the experience with forward-thinking moderations.


1. Accurate Inside Out Tracking

The range of motion is redefined by using the six camera sensors. Wide Field of View (FOV) and 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) offers refined inside out tracking.

2. Large Camera Sensor Range

Wide range of view is offered by 6 Camera sensors

3. Quick Set up

Inside out tracking enables plug and play portability. Cosmos pairs easily with VR ready desktops and Laptops without the requirement of base stations.

4. Crystalline Graphics

Cosmos is equipped with 2880 * 1700 Pixel resolution to get real RGB display, through which the text and graphics can be seen in an increase of 88% over the original Vive. Brand new LCD panels are used to reduce the distance between the pixels and to minimize the screen-door effect.

5. Flip-Up Design

More flexible to switch between Reality and Virtual Reality. With the new innovative flip-up design the switching from reality to Virtual reality and vice versa can be done within fraction of seconds

6. Styled Controllers

The brand new controls glow during active use. Emitted light ensures the active tracking of controllers.

7. Wireless Adapter

The wireless adapter frees to experience the untethered Virtual Reality.

8. Powerful Audiovisuals

Vive Cosmos is powered with powerful audiovisual transmission at 60 Mhz.

And supports external tracking moderations as well
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1. Due to inside out tracking feature, cosmos draws more power than the current wireless adapter battery can support
2. Cosmos processes all the camera tracking data in the headset and never sends to PC or Laptop

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