Virtual Reality Industrial Use Cases

Indian industrial shop floors are now taking a smart move in Industry 4.o. Manufacturing, a typically labour-intensive process, is now adopting technology to boost productivity and save costs. It is automating core processes to improve quality and stay competitive.

Virtual Reality Technology is being used in many verticals in various capacities, very often inculcating job processes and training or introducing a fresh concept to a large section of the audience. Thus, it’s an easy statement to make that Virtual Reality is bringing mass revolution and is certainly here to stay. But do you think VR is just limited in certain ways? Get ready to get your mind blown!

VR real-time use cases

1. VOLVO Reality

A major vehicle brand, Volvo thought of an inventive method to utilize Google Cardboard. For their Volvo XC 90 Luxury SUV, they ran a monstrous crusade #volvoreality wherein they enabled the clients to submerge themselves in a stunning mountain drive with the execution of Virtual Reality.

The experience enhanced for Google Cardboard but at the same time is accessible globally over gadgets with a 360-degree video experience. The Virtual Reality initiative taken by Volvo helped them accomplish a million impressions and they even were published in PCMag.

2. Matterport 3D Spaces

Offering interesting 3D encounters in the real estate sector, Matterport uses Virtual Reality and 3D in the most ideal manner possible. It is a new form of immersive media, which allows virtual visits as though they were truly there. They provide real estate tours in 4K and 3D representations are made accessible on the web or for VR headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

3. King’s College, London

For the longest time, the abilities of science, medicine, and wellbeing have extended essentially and with Virtual Reality coming into power, the therapeutic business is discovering steady approaches to improve. One such example is of King’s College Clinical Research office. They use their Virtual Reality technology Lab for treating patients experiencing Bipolar Disorder. The lab uses movement sensors that enable the client to stroll through a virtual situation that will trigger the patient for a specific reaction.

4. Tribeca Immersive

Before you assume that VR was only used as a gaming platform, you must know that VR is now expanding into more horizons of entertainment such as music, cinema, etc. The latest addition to their VR space is Tribeca Cinema360 that will allow users to view 360-degree mobile VR content in a cinema setting.

5. BetterCloud VR Recruitment

Could you imagine an HR’s job could be as interesting as a VR office tour, used for the hiring process and exploring the work culture? Well, BetterCloud just made that dream a reality. They were positive that this would bring in more applications. They created 360-degree videos with the help of an internal application and turned it into an interactive user experience.

As a technology, such use cases of VR and its positive impact in our world, help us to better understand its various verticals. This has not only made our lives easier and more efficient but also made training or and introducing a new concept to the masses feasible.

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