Pros of Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft Unveiled the Hololens 2 ahead of Mobile World Congress. The new headset is a significant improvement over the Hololens 1. Hololens 2 modified all the flaws limited Field Of View (FOV) and uncomfortable design of Hololens 1. Microsoft claims that it has doubled the FOV without reducing image quality. The original HoloLens only supported a 35-degree FOV, so doubling this to 70 degrees would be a significant achievement.

Here are the pros of Microsoft Hololens 2:

  1. Wider field of view (FOV) double of its predecessor
  2. Two 720p screens to 2k in each eye
  3. Designed to be 3 times more comfortable
  4. Very lighter in weight since it’s fabricated with Carbon fibre
  5. Brand new “instinctual interaction” design language makes the holograms more touchable
  6. The Tactile feelings simulated by audio makes brain trickier

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The built-in eye tracking feature allows the user to make holographic web search

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