VR Training vs Face to Face Training

Technological advancements such as Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have truly made the world a global village. With its ability to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world, VR is enabling virtual training and reducing the need for physical training.

Eliminating the road-blocks of physical training

Physical training requires the scheduling and alignment of several factors. If a senior employee has to train a new joinee, workflow disruption might be caused. And in cases of industrial training, experts are required to travel to the site, sometimes several hundred miles or halfway across the globe. This incurs a heavy cost in labour, time and money.

A complex working scenario such as aerospace manufacturing or medical training would require one on one attention, making the training process long and tedious. It requires meticulous planning and scheduling of the trainer and requires their availability with all new employees to achieve a consistent level of training.

With VR, all the above can be addressed with its ability to provide training anytime, anywhere, with the same consistency. The cost of procuring a VR headset and program is very minimal compared to the overhead costs involved in training. And, it also enables the simultaneous training of several employees, reducing the on-boarding time and the time to get them working independently.

A skilful and immersive training environment

Training with 2D manuals is tiresome and confusing. Imagine working at an aeroplane assembly where millions of tiny spare parts are involved in the assembly of the big bird. It would require months to master the art of understanding where each part goes. With VR, it creates an immersive environment, enabling trainees to learn hands-free, helping them get a grasp of the work within a short span of time. The visual memory and individualised learning pace will also lead to minimal or almost nil error when the employee is on-boarded full time.

In the fields of healthcare, mining and emergency response, VR is a life saviour in the literal sense. It is nearly impossible to get trained in surgery or trauma care treatment with a live scenario. Until recently, all medical students have had to rely on their shadow training and several years of baseline practice before they can become experts. But with VR, they are able to get hands-on training with its ability to simulate a real-world environment.

Miners and emergency response workers get a grasp of the situation without having to be at the live scene. Also, it enables employers to provide a safe training environment for new employees at a fraction of the original cost.

The science of repeated and abreast learning

With VR, students and trainees of all pace can master their art through immersive and repeated training. Unlike traditional training, it is not a one-time session or a series of boring paper manuals. Employees and trainees get to learn by doing it, making them confident of their work when deployed.

And in a world of constant workplace evolvement, VR enables quick and time efficient upskilling of existing employees with very minimal disruption to the workflow.

With the right selection of content, investment in simple and effective platforms can enable companies to reap the maximum benefits of this technology.

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